This is probably the one time of the year that all cat and dog owners dread, remember remember the 5th of November as your pets will HATE IT!
Bonfire night is great for us humans as it means loads of mulled wine, candy floss, a few fair ground rides that have probably cost us a tenner each ( why we pay for it now it’s gone way too expensive but I still fall for that bungee swing ride ) plus we get to see an amazing firework display, but for our little furry ones it can quite frankly be the night of pure hell.
A lot of us owners don’t know how to reduce the stress our little ones go through over these next few days, or understand how much they’re panicking. I’ve wondered what their minds go through when there’s constant bangs and sparks going off… What are they thinking? Is it just sheer panic that theres loud noises and bright flashes going on outside? Or do they think the worlds ending and they need to do something about it ?
I was having a jog round the park two days ago and it was only 7pm but you could hear a few fireworks going off in the distance, this little border terrier ran up to me I stroked him and then he darted off so quickly I couldn’t catch him, he darted out the park and onto the pavement, he was scared of the noises and was obviously running home, I ended up joining in with his owner who bolted up to me shouting ‘have you seen my dog?’  We spent the next ten minutes trying to get him back luckily there wasn’t any busy roads near the park otherwise this would of been a whole other story!
So with that in mind I wanted to share a few tips that I think are great on how to keep your dogs happy on bonfire night.

1- During the fireworks period, it’s best to walk your dog in the day/afternoon, NOT at night as you want to avoid your dog freaking out and running off in the park, try to make sure they’ve had plenty of exercise before the loud bands start. Find out when fireworks are happening in your area and make sure you walk your dog beforehand.

2- Make sure to shut any windows and doors to tone down the noise and so they can’t run off if they do get frightened.

3- Make sure blinds and curtains are closed, to hide the flashes of the fireworks.

4- Build them a nice cosy den in an area they feel safe in. This could mean putting an extra blanket on their bed or cage.

5- Turn up the TV or whack up the radio while you’re out so they’re distracted by familiar sounds plus this will hide a lot of the noise going on outside.

6- Playtime is essiential as it’s a great distraction for them when the bangs are going on outside, Keep their favourite toy at hand you’re gonna need it these next few days!