It’s 6pm and I’m STILL in bed on New Year’s Eve watching The Wizzard Of Oz thinking … Really do I need to go out tonight? I can’t move… I don’t wanna move… In fact I don’t wanna speak to anyone… Let alone have another drink…

I went out last night and totally over did it, had a wicked night out in the Cotswolds ( which is where I’m breaking in the new year ) it’s been raining all day and I’ve been huddled up inside the cottage… Which leads me back to my earlier comment… Why do I need to go out again? Oh yeah IT’S NEW YEARS EVE!!!

There’s always been a high pressure to have an incredible time on NYE it’s like we all tell ourselves this is the party we’ve been waiting for all year!!!! So with that in mind I’m in the country going to a barn dance … ( ha ha I’m just imagining the look on your face right now ) it’s a party with live music in a barn in a field .. So barn dance right? 

Anyway I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Whatever it is you’re getting up to tonight go crazy go nuts do it BIG in fact do it even BIGGER… Or just don’t succumb to the pressure just go with the flow and enjoy yourself! See you in 2016