1- Did I just fart? Oh my goddddd that STINKS!!! If I pretend I’m asleep no one will know it’s me…

2- My sister smells sexy… I know it’s wrong but I’m SOOO jumping on that!  

3- Is that fox poo I smell over there? Is it? Yessss !!! Let me have a little roll in it…  

4- As soon as you leave this room I’m jumping on that sofa and humping that pillow… So go on… Leave… In fact stay I don’t care I’m gonna hump it anyway

5- I just wanna sniff everyone’s crotch but they keep telling me off so I’ll just sniff my own then… You watching? I don’t care!


1- Ugh!  Can’t you tell I’ve had the day from hell? My brother just humping me all the time and all I wanted was a bonio 

2- Did I just eat? Or did you forget to feed me? I’m confused? 
3- My poo smells nice… Sooooo nice … Is anyone looking? Nah good I’m gonna have a little taste…  

4- I’ve just forgotten what I was thinking about…. What day is it? What was I doing again? Oh just Stroke me 

5- You’re my brother GET OFF ME … Ugh I just wanna lay here