I wanna be a Victoria’s Secret angel …. that’s it really, every year I go through all the pictures of the most beautiful supermodels on the planet in the most spectacular catwalk show on earth and ask myself why am I  not 5’9″ two sizes smaller with a better jaw structure, have thinner thighs … do I need to go on? Because I can
It’s been the one catwalk show I’ve wanted to go and see for years and years and seeing that it was here in London a few years back you’d think I would of gone right ? Well no I missed out on the chance to work at it ( believe me I tried, I almost got the chance to do the red carpet interviews, almost but in the end the job went to someone else who was way better than me and way more qualified but you still gotta try right? Don’t ask don’t get and all of that ) Plus have you seen the price for a ticket? I won’t make you spit out or choke on your coffee this morning but lets just say it’s in the thousands! Even for a seat right at the back you’re looking at breaking the bank into a zillion different pieces.
Anyway missed out and ended up doing what I’m doing now scrolling through all the gorgeous pictures already planning my 2017 ‘ get slimmer and look amazing diet!’ When you think about it, how many of us are happy with the way we look? Like have you ever gone in front of the mirror and gone ‘yes girl you killing it’ there always seems to be something we don’t like right? Could be our hair our thighs, tummy, the shape of our hips, our feet.
It’s like we’re programmed to always want what others have and yet rarely admire what we’ve already got. My friend Ashley summed it up quite beautifully in her Instagram post check it out @ashleylouisejames
I believe the trick is to learn how to admire and appreciate what others have instead of wanting to look exactly like them and wanting to change everything about yourself, You know what? pick out your best features ( there’ll be loads of them ) and focus on that as everyone is unique the fact that we’re all different is amazing , that’s what’s incredible about us all, come on wouldn’t the world be a real boring place if we all looked the same?