You know what I do love me a bit of London Fashion Week, It’s one of the really fun weeks of year where you get to dress up, catch up with friends, see where we’re gonna spend most of the years money, the goodie bags, going backstage and seeing how a fashion show is actually put together ( It was a whirlwind experience, one that I’ll never forget, I blatantly got in the way and felt I should leave but was amazing ) and the goodie bags … Did I mention goodie bags earlier?

I’ve been a hermit for abut 5 weeks now because of the weather ( that’s what I’ve been telling myself when actually I’ve been watching series after series, the blacklist, shooter, the walking dead etc.. ) So to actually get my butt out of the house was a miracle!

This year we cut down on which shows to attend to make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable ( last year for me was a bit of a nightmare ) The effort that goes on behind the scenes and the months before hand to get just everything right is incredible.

I loved Aspinals presentation, the mini trunk clutches are just adorable, there’s not one that shouldn’t be in my wardrobe like right now! Vin and Omi and Pam Hogg had the stand out shows of the season for me, the grooming rooms was like the best pitt stop to refresh, get a touch up and off you go again, I also dipped into a beauty talk and found out that most gel nail polish has traces of arsenic in ?! Ermmmm hello isn’t that poisonous? What the hell are we doing to ourselves?




So all in all, It was a great LFW experience the glitz the glam the sneaky mc donalds in between shows the cocktails the friends you bump into along the way and the ridiculous heels I would never wear in normal life.

I’m in bed now happy that tomorrow I can go to the gym and maybe sneak in 5 more episodes of the blacklist just to catch up.