So I’ve spent the last two hours in bed ( it is a Sunday so it’s acceptable right ? ) on my laptop searching for the best make up gifts that I’m putting on my wish list this christmas as I need need need them, I just need them in my life no need to ask questions it’s just a fact.

Now as your all getting to know me quite well, you’ll know that at no.1 there’s no doubt I would have Kylie Jenners lip kit but seeing that every time I go online to buy it it’s sold out, I’ve given up because it just annoys me now. My mate Toni got one for her birthday this year and yes I am jealous and yes I will try and steal it from her bag when I meet her later on for a Sunday Roast. ( love ya Toni ) Normally I’m the first to tell people not to give up on anything but in this case i’m done, just done.

So anyway that brings me to searching for new little must haves. Here’s a few make up luxuries you might wanna get your hands on, I’ve picked out loads of different products you might get all silly over from eye palettes to contour kits to lip heaven liquids ENJOY …

First up as you may already know by now I am obsessed with nails, so found this cute as hell nail trio kit from Smith & Cult which is a brand that NAILS IT ( see what I did there ? made you laugh right ..? maybe not )

Now yes it is a little bit pricey and normally I wouldn’t say spend £50 on nail polish unless you’re getting them done professionally but it’s Christmas so you can be treated right ?? Plus the colours are fab!

£47 Space NK

I only started using Kat Von D make up this year and it’s A MAZA ING ! I’ve already asked for this for Christmas and a parcel from Debenhams came on Friday morning which James has hidden so I’m full on guessing ( It blatantly is ) That i’ve got this. it’s Kat Von D everlasting mini liquid lippy set.

It’s all about the colours, there’s purples, lilacs, orange, pink and browns. There’s currently 15% off at the moment on Debenhams beauty so you’re in luck!

£38 from Debenhams

Tarte cosmetics and been a little favourite of mine for a while, they’re all cruelty free and natural with plant extracts and minerals, it’s the ultimate in eco-chic beauty. I’ve tried out their mascara before and the deluxe lights camera 4 in 1 mascara is amazing for big volume and statement eyes, You get this in the trio pack which are all travel perfect

£13 Tarte

This next product is a great little stocking filler as it’s small but has two different purposes, so in a way you feel like you’re getting 2 4 1 ! One end of the stick is for natural looking contouring and the other is for highlighting. The fact that it’s part of a limited edition range just makes me want it even more.

£29 NARS

And last but certainly not least is a biggie and the reason i’m picking it is because there’s soooo much choice of lippy you’ll never have to go searching for a new lipstick again as it’s all here. They’re all matte so Kylie Jenner eat your heart out!

This ones a bit pricey but considering you get 36 lippys in practically every shade you’ve ever wanted, it’s actually a good find.

£85 NYX sold in Selfridges