For me It starts first thing in the morning, I have to say sorry for waking James up while my alarm goes off loudly 3 times on snooze before I actually get round to turning it off, waking up the dogs who wanna come running up the stairs jumping on top of us into into bed, creating such a hoodalah at 6.10am as it’s still pitch black outside and the birds are still still sleeping. Yes this is me being out of order as I should just get up and get on with it as If it was the other way round I’d go NUTS! Getting woken up from my precious sleep is probably one of the worst things you can do to me, So it’s only fair I say sorry right?? But how about when someone bumps into you on the tube as you’re trying to get off ¬†they muscle their way in? I hate this but it happens all the time especially in the morning as everyones rushing to get to work and we all need to get on that particular train. So back to them pushing their way in, don’t you find it’s you saying sorry? It’s not you’re fault but you end up apologising, I do anyway even though it should be the other way round, it just comes out. I’ve decided that even though it’s great to be apologetic sometimes we just blatantly don’t need to be!


I am the worst for this, my instant go to word is YES because quite simply I feel bad for saying no. Even though sometimes I have no ambition in doing whatever it is i’ve said yes to I will still say yes and then stress and worry about it later. It’s time to stop that and to realise if you’re not feeling something don’t do it and most importantly don’t agree to do it. It’s ok to say no, it’s not a bad word at all in fact It’s one of the most powerful words in the english dictionary yet we hardly use it.


So many of us have either gone through this or our best mates/sisters/brothers etc have and we all give the same advice, if you don’t love them anymore … leave …¬† but it’s shocking how many of us actually do this instead cut to 4 months later and that same awful relationship is still going on because of the fear of ending it. I think it’s harder to end the relationship than be the one who’s been ended on. It causes so much less stress if you get this sorted and stop second guessing your feelings. The heart never lies but our brains do. remember this.


For some reason there’s quite a few of us that are scared or embarrassed to ask for help because it looks like we either don’t know what we’re doing, or makes us feel stupid? For those of you that really know me know that I ask for help for everything and I need it. I’m a big baby at heart and even though my friends probably hate me for being completely dependant on them i’m sure theres a part of them that loves it too … well I hope they do because i’m not gonna change!! ha There’s no way asking for help makes you look less confident I think it’s great to include people in decisions or problems as a problem shared is a problem halved and all of that!


We live once right? Well we might as well make this life the best and create the memories we want yeah? Whether it’s that new job you want to the man in the office you’ve been fancying since the day you started to getting that dream car to going sky diving. Set yourself goals every year and tick them off on the calendar once you’ve done em. I honestly believe you can make anything happen and you can get exactly what you want you just gotta have the patience and determination. Three simple words GO GET IT … never look back look, stare at the goals you’ve set in the future.


You shouldn’t feel bad or apologetic for putting your needs first. If you don’t want to do something don’t do it. How many times have you gone out for a mates party when you should have stayed in and revised for that exam or got yourself prepared for that job interview and felt absolutely mash up the next day and it’s ruined the whole thing, or you’ve said you’d do something and realise there was that other thing you really wanted to do but can’t now because you can’t back out or say no. As i’ve said before, you only live once better spend it doing things that make you happy and not resentful of others because you have no time to yourself. Doing things that are important to you doesn’t make you selfish just means you’re your own person.