It was only 5 weeks ago that I had that awful experience climbing up mount Toubkal so as you can imagine after a few days of pure living it up in an apartment in Puerto Banus just chilling by the pool, I was a little bit apprehensive when James said “there’s mountains we can climb in Marbella you know?” In fact I think my stomach went a little bit funny, you know like when you’re on stealth at Thorpe park sitting in the car at the traffic lights and it’s still red and any minute now you’re about to shot 80mph to the top of the track! Ahhhhhh

 Excited yes … A little bit scared HELL YEAH.

But I hate giving into fear and thought, come on nothing can be as bad as what I already went through on Toubkal right?

We arrive at the car park with our guide Leo and he says there’s two routes we can take to the top of Cruz De Juanar, we have the easy route and the much harder one… James got in there first and immediately shouts harder!! So I think fine I’m not gonna be a wuss, you want it hard with 25 degrees pure sunshine on our backs ? let’s do it!

The first 30 minutes is actually quite pleasant, the weathers great Leo is giving us an all round your and we hadn’t hit the steep incline so all good, I’m working my gluteus ( I’ve always wanted that Kim K butt so here goes )

 Cut to half an hour later … My legs are tired and it’s as if I’m going on that stair machine at the gym only I haven’t set an end time so I’m just going up and not getting anywhere fast!

James was like a man on a mission I think he could of run to the top! I kept stopping to soak up the view ( and taking time to breathe and sneak in a rest ) this is the first time I’ve really enjoyed a climb, seeing that my first one was horrendous.

One thing you might find funny is that when I was sneaking in a little rest time out of no where come these climbers just casually walking on by as if it’s a stroll in the park?! There I was struggling a bit and in come the professionals waltzing on by. Ha ha you know when you’re at the gym on the treadmill Ans the person next to you is on a much faster speed it makes you crank it up too right? Well it made me pick up the pace on the mountain… Even  If it was just the ten minutes … Bare in mind this isn’t a big mountain at all… Only a few thousand feet but I can still make a mountain out of a mole hill ha ha you like what I did there?

And can I say without being too weird I enjoyed using natures toilet! However it was strange doing it at an angle…. *No need to insert picture here*

When we reached the summit the first two words out of my mouth was “My Floyyyyyy” ( which is my pet name for James and strangely enough that’s his pet name for me)

 The view was incredible and we also had a bit of lunch on the top of the mountain which was last nights left overs from the BBQ.

After about 25 minutes at the summit Leo said right lets make our way down, you need to watch your step as the ground moves !?! Sayyyy whatttt? Basically it was a bit rocky and sometimes you go sliding which was quite fun!

So guys Cruz De Juanar was a success!!! No drama no stress our guide was perfect! He even took us for tapas in his village before he dropped us off I loved it! Sooooooo I guess there’s only one question to ask now right? When Shall I book my Everest climb?