Is it just me or is going to the gym seeming like more and more of a struggle? I’ve finished my show, taken the dogs out and I can do one of three things …

1 – Go to the gym

2 – Practice DJ-ing

3 – Fall asleep on the sofa whilst catching up with Ex On The Beach

Think about it for a minute, you know exactly which one I’m doing! You’ve got to know me pretty well right?

So anyway here I am on the sofa thinking about how I’m gonna get rid of that little tyre that has seemed to magically appear  around my belly ( I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with the fact that I’m eating two packets of crisps a day, spaghetti bolognese regularly and double cream in my coffee )

We all want an easy fix, that’s just the way life is, it’s go go go so having things instantly is not having to wait around will put a massive smile on our faces right? So I’ve just been hunting around ( and asking James ) One of the worst things we eat and can cause our belly to stick out is GLUTEN. Cut that out and you should see the results in a matter of days! Same with carbs as lots of carbs contain gluten.

So with the no gluten ( which is really hard by the way I was just going through all the cupboards and pretty much 60 % of the stuff I’ve got is NOT gluten free, from pasta to crackers to porridge to pesto )

But with that in mind, If I can cut that down and do this Instant Abs Trainer app that I blatantly just read from reading a post from Kendall who has got the flattest stomach ever! ( come on just look at her insta pic) anyway, she’s been going on about this app being really good and how it helps keep her motivated even when she’s just sitting watching tv she’ll bust out a little workout! So seeing that is exactly what I’m doing obviously, I’ve just downloaded the app!

Now there’s no excuse for me to not have an ironing board tummy as I don’t have to leave the house, it hasn’t cost me anything and I know I’ve got ten minutes spare every day to give it ago … So I will Just after this one episode of ex on the beach … I promise …