I wrote this on way in this morning but for some reason I never pushed send …. Ahhhh typical… Oh well enjoy :

This ones going out to the really angry lady on the northern line this morning making right scene!  Now I have to tell you what I just witnessed ! Even as I writing now she’s still kicking off and I can’t help but giggle and its way too early for this and just wayyyy over the top!

Ok so the tubes rammed as per usual, its a clammy one and no ones making eye contact we’re just focusing on the person in fronts shoulder , it’s 8.05am and the northern line train stops at embankment, this lady gets on with a coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

I’m sitting on the seat nearest the door and watch this dragon unleash her rath! She pushed her way on ( I can’t blame her for that as when you’re late you have no option but to get on THAT train ) everyone starts tutting as she barges her way through tripping this lady over and doesn’t say sorry she just shouts MOVE ( now everyone in the carriage looks at her ) she then shouts what are you staring at to anyone who catches her eye.

Now as soon as the train moves ( bare in mind she has a coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other ) it kinda jolts forward so she obviously goes flying into the person in front of her, coffee gets spilt all over people’s feet and bags whilst people are trying to get out of the way, it was a right circus! 

Now instead of the woman apologising she was going nuts saying it’s everyone’s fault for being in the way, we’re making her late, she hates TFL and we’re all ruining her morning ?!?  It’s almost as if this was being filmed for a TV show ( probably was, because it was that ridiculous ) if you see it remember me!

I have no idea what happened after I got off at Leicester Square but the last I heard was her kicking off about someone stepping on her £1000 shoes !?! Ha ha ! I’m not gonna lie to you, I found this all Frigging hilarious by the way! Now do t judge me as If you was on that tube with me I’m sure you’d agree it was all a bit too much and just so so stupidly funny! It was like something that should of been on Dom Jolly!