Hiya, I’ve come here to have a bit of a moan and tell you that I’m so angry that some people are so quick to judge on appearance.

Last weekend Henry ( my dog ) and I were in the park playing with 5 other dogs that we hadn’t met before were having a great time! 

This morning it’s cold … 10.30am Saturday morning I’m in joggers and wellies no make up hair a mess ( as I’ve just got out of bed ) and I’ve got an oversized hoodie on too.

Now today as soon as  I get into the park I take Henry off the lead and throw the ball, as soon we arrive the two dog owners that are in the middle of the field put their dogs on the lead and leave… Were they about to leave anyway? Was this just a coincidence ? Who knows just feels a bit suspicious 

So we walk around the park trying to find some dogs for Henry to play with and its so obvious that people are keeping their distance. It’s starting to rain so I put it down to people being cold and miserable, BUT what happens next is just ridiculous.

While walking home on the pavement we cross 4 other dogs/owners

1st owner pulls his dog close to him steps in the road between two parked cars and waits till we pass

2nd owner sees us and crosses the road

3rd owner quickly hurries into someone else’s front garden and hides behind the bush!?! I shout to him he’s ok you know he’s a friendly dog, the older man mutters something but I couldn’t hear

4th owner stops and picks up her dog and walks on the curb till we pass

This is all because I look rough and have a Staffie. They assume because I look like this I am a unresponsible owner with a dangerous dog.

If I had a poodle or spaniel or pug or any other breed I’m sure I would of been treated differently. I still can’t believe this all happened in one morning.

Henry is a Staffie and he is adorable, a real ambassador to the breed. I am proud of him. Next time you see me and Henry even if I don’t have make up on and am not dressed up ( maybe looking like I’ve just got up which is probably the case ) please do stop and say hi as I can assure you I don’t bite and neither does Henry.