I want to have a bit of a moan because I’m so angry that some people are quick to judge people/animals solely on their appearance.

Last Saturday when taking Henry ( my dog ) to the park he was playing with 5 other dogs on the field that we’ve never seen before and we met some really lovely people.

 Now today it’s raining and it’s cold, so this morning I didn’t make an effort when I left the house, hair scraped back no make up, jogging bottoms on and an oversized hoodie because it’s COLD. 

So basically I look rough and because I have a Staffie I was treated completely different to last week. As soon as we got into the park I take Henry off the lead and  throw him the ball, he runs straight into the field where 2 other dogs and owners are, now almost immediately they get their dogs put them on the lead and leave. Could this be a coincidence? Were they about to leave? Who knows just seams a little suspicious.

We start to walk around the park ( in the hope to find him a friend to play with ) and it seams everyone wants to keep their distance? I put this down to everyone being miserable because it’s cold and it had just starting to lightly rain.

Now what happens next they’re no excuses, while walking home we pass 4 dogs/owners on the same road all responses are the same:

1st dog owner turns round steps in the road between two parked cars and waits till we pass

2nd dog owner pulls their dog into someone’s front garden and hides behind a bush till we pass, I shouted good morning ( and while pointing to Henry ) say he’s ok you know he’s very friendly.. The older man just muttered something I have no idea what he said 

3rd dog owner as soon as she saw us walking towards her pulled her dog close and crossed the road 

4th dog owner jumped and changed direction when she saw me and Henry trying to cross the road in between two cars, she stopped in the road and I said he’s ok you can pass

The only things different between this morning and last Saturday is that today I look rough and am wearing a hoodie. So it’s obvious they see me with a Staffie and instantly think I am a unresponsible owner with a dangerous dog. 

It really annoyed me because I shouldn’t have to dress up just to take Henry out so he can meet other dogs and play, people are quick to judge before asking.

I get that Staffies have a really bad reputation, but if you do your research the breed are real softies they might look mean but at heart they’re family dogs that crave human attention and affection, it’s just that some nasty people treat these dogs badly and train them to be aggressive.

If I had a poodle or spaniel or any other  breed I know I would of been treated differently and there wouldn’t of been a problem. This isn’t the first time I’ve experience that kind of reception but it was just so obviously today I have to have a bit of a rant. I feel better for it to be honest.

Henry is a Staffie and he is adorable a real ambassador to the breed, So next time you see me and Henry walking on the road or in the park please try not to judge us first come and say hi, don’t change direction jump in a hedge or pull your dog as far away from us as you can as he doesn’t bite and neither do I !