So this year is definitely the year of saying YES to absolutely everything!Last week i had the most incredible experience of my life, I did a sky dive for Rainbow Trust, which is an incredible charity that provides support to families who have a child with life threatening or terminal illness.

Hugo Taylor and I did the sky dive with the army parachute assioation at Netheravon in Salisbury and i can quite honestly say that it was the best experience of my life.

So let me take you through the experience step by step. On the way to Sailsbury me vicki and hugo were all real chatty during the 2 hour drive, however as we got closer you could tell I was getting nervous as all of a sudden I started to go quiet ( this is a huge sign that somethings wrong with me… Just for future reference )

All I remember is vicki kept saying the most ridiculous things like ‘What if you land in a tree?’ ‘How you feeling?’ ‘I hope you don’t break a leg’

Ahhhhhhhhh Don’t you think these things are already whizzing around my head?

I felt sick, nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time…. which means only one thing… I NEED THE LOO I call it a Seth Platter which rhymes with splatter… I think you get the jist no need to fill here

So we arrive i got to the loo and as we get trainined up i’m going through all the possible things that could go wrong and keep thinking i’m doing this for charity it’s going to be amazing.

We got partnered up with our instructors who we were doing our tandem jump with, I had Chris he was lovely, I was so besotted with him, he was fit and strong and he looked the business so i kept telling myself he loves this and does this everyday so i’m gonna love it too right?

Now luckily for us the weather was beautiful however just 15 minutes before we were due to go up into the sky, some dark clouds were approaching so we had a 40 minute wait for them to pass so it was safe… que the Seth Platter moment for the second time of the day, harness off bye bye everyone.

Then came the call for us to get into position, my heart sank and had my 3rd Seth Platter :/ I came out had to get my harness put on again and off we went to the plane.

This part is the most terrifying in my opinion as it’s that feeling of NO GOING BACK.

Lucy ( who is from rainbow trust ) was looking petrified and i saw her hand shaking so i held it and it was that look we gave each other at 10 thousand feet ( still climbing as we were going to 15ft ) of pure dread… what are we doing?

Chris ( my instructor ) hoists me up onto him which was an amazing experience all in itself I’m not gonna lie, we are sandwiched together tightly and he does our final checks on the harness, then the plane door opens ( i’m thinking i need the loo again) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I was third to jump and watching the other two fall out of the plane made my brain go nuts as it was saying to me do not do this do not do this….

Chris scoots us to the door and i remember screaming next thing i know i’m plummeting out of the sky at the speed of 180 miles per hour ( i just made that up, i don’t know how fast it actually was )

Then came the part of free fall that i loved, hands up eyes open and you’re flying like a bird, it’s insane, incredble and soooo exhilaring!

When the parachute gets pulled i can only compare it to whacking on the break when you’re speeding it down the motorway, WHOOOOSH you stop plummeting and get thrown upright.

Now for playtime… there’s loads of fun you can have once the parachute is up you can make it go fast dip left dip right shoot back up, It was so much fun i even got a chance to steer.

I still can’t believe i actually did it, it’s insane and I loved the whole experience so much i’ve booked to do it all over again this time roping in my sister and my niece.

If you’re thinking of doing a sky dive go with The Army Parachute Association because they were AMAZING from start to finish and made the whole experience one I’ll never forget!!!