If I could talk dog , understand dog or be an actual dog I would be the happiest person in the world! Seeing that I can’t I just make up what I think is happening when watching my two little ones. This morning Henry and Smudge spoke loud and clear they they have an unconditional love for each other.

They jumped up on the bed got into position, had a little cuddle and kiss on my lap and then fell asleep on me … I wish I had filmed it and done a David Attenborough narrating over the footage but I wasn’t fast enough, instead I just got a few pictures to show ya!

Cat owners you’ll understand this as well, you know when your pet gets all comfy on your lap and you get pins and needles in your legs because they’ve stayed in one position for two long? This happened but I couldn’t move as they looked too cute so I kept psyching myself out like it was an endurance test… Must last longer… Can’t move legs…

Now dogs need a best friend, which brings me to the dog we met yesterday in the park who the owner kept on a lead all the time because she was afraid her little one would run away. Even though she is being a responsible owner I felt sad for the dog because he blatantly wanted to play. If you’ve got a similar problem with your dog there’s loads of training techniques you can do to get your dog to come back to you and want to stay near you ( mainly including loads of treats and running around the park screeching as loud as you can…. Trust me this works… You look like a nutter tho ) or if that doesn’t work go and get help from a professional dog behaviour expert!

Dogs are pack animals they love to be in a group. If you only have the one it’s SOOO important to get them outside, let them meet other dogs and play with each other, they’re sociable animals! Doggie playtime equals HAPPY DOG equals HAPPY YOU!