Sooooo I have something to tell you…  and it’s a BIG change! 

Nooo not that… Ha ha  I have a new job from July! I know right?! So exciting. 

I started working at Global Radio on Choice FM about 5 years ago. I was the overnight girl and it’s safe to say, I was awful!! No seriously guys, people would text in and I’d try and be their agony aunt. Fast-forward a few years and with the help of the people who worked with me I was on afternoons living my dream! I’d always wanted to be on the radio and now I had my own daytime show in London!

A few years after that I moved from Choice to Capital (both owned by Global). I’ll never forget how excited but also how nervous I was. I just remember thinking ‘I’m not ready, oh Christ what do I do if something goes wrong what if the mic goes up and I forget what I’m saying!’ Obviously people talked some sense into me, filled me with Amaretto and then the big day finally came I was live on Capital! It was amazing!!

My time at both Choice (now Capital XTRA) and Capital were amazing. I’ve met some brilliantly talented people I’m proud to call my friends and I’ve done some things that I’ll never forget, the opportunities I’ve been given have been incredible and I loved being on stage at Wembley Stadium, the O2, mucking about on the breakfast show, the London Marathon…… the list goes on! Global simply is a brilliant place to work and if you ever get the opportunity you need to do it.

I want to write a special thank you to Ashley Tabor. He is the driving force of Global Radio and I have so much to thank him for. Without him, there wouldn’t have been a Summertime Ball or a Capital around the UK, and his generosity and  support knows no bounds. When I said I was leaving, he called me. Now, please appreciate he’s the HEAD of the company. He’s your bosses bosses boss. It’s a big deal and I still got all nervous when I saw his name flash up on my phone. We were two minutes into the conversation and I had to stop him mid flow and say ‘Ashley, I’m really sorry, I need to stop you, my dog has just done a s-h-i-t and I need to clean it up.’ Ha ha yes that happened ! Much to my embarrassment !

There are hundreds of other names I could write thank you to as well, but the list would go on for ages and you don’t know half of them anyway. They know who they are and I just wanted to say thank you for looking after me and thank you for an amazing period in my life 🙂

Sooooo….. In July I’m joining  Kiss FM. I’ll also get to have a load of fun presenting Kisstory!! Seriously cannot wait to join the team and get working with Andy Roberts.
Time for a drink! See you on the other side. 🙂