It’s actually getting quite sad now, we’re all worrying so much about how other people see us we’re losing the joy of just getting on with things and enjoying life.

I’ve just been to bikram yoga with my mate and she wears full length leggings! We’re dripping wet with sweat in there and I’m trying to wear as little as possible because it’s hot and I end up drenched and she’s petrified of wearing shorts or shorter leggings and a top because she doesn’t want anyone to see her “chubby thighs” I couldn’t believe it? First up NO ONE is looking  (well unless you’re at the front and pulling some killer moves … We’re all be looking then ) second thing we’re all In a sauna it’s hot, we’re sweating and you can see your positioning better with shorts on thirdly it was sad to hear that she hated that part of her body so much she wants it covered all time and didn’t feel confident enough to wear something that was really suitable for bikram yoga. I used to feel like that. Anytime my body was on show I would cover it or argue with myself on why I look horrendous!

 I’ve spoken about this before, having magazines and adverts constantly trashing guys and girls for having cellulite, a little tummy, back fat, not enough abs blah blah … it wouldn’t play on our minds so much if it wasn’t splashed out on the cover highlighting  what is perfectly normal, It really wouldn’t. If we didn’t care so much it wouldn’t make headline news, it wouldn’t effect us at all.I’ve been in Barcelona all week and the amount of times I was constantly fiddling with photos over whether or not to post a make up free or bikini selfie I kept looking at them going, I look rough, wow I’m flabby, my face needs foundation on or some mascara, why doesn’t my cheekbones show? I need some blush!  and then I found the snapchat filters !! Oh Hell yeah I did !!!

  There’s one that thins your face, smooths out the skin gives you an amazing completion, adds definition and totally changes your face! I LOVE IT! I got kinda obsessed with it because in my eyes it made me look pretty and putting that up against a normal photo of my face with no filters on made me sick I didn’t wanna see that. Sounds stupid right? because in reality I can’t take an Instagram filter with me to the gym… I can’t take a Twitter filter with me to the beach … Or a snapchat filter with me around town! ( if I could I soooo would )

Everyone only gets to see the real you in person however we’ve all got a little obsessed with looking ‘perfect’ in photos. Social media is an amazing place, I spend everyday on it, I love it however it can be very dangerous as it can make us more self conscious and paranoid about ourselves.

Most peopled find going to the gym and laying on a beach in a bikini makes them very socially anxious which can lead to covering up wearing loose baggy clothes, wearing more make up than usual or just not going because they just don’t feel confident in that situation.

We can be quick to pick out others faults but having someone pick out yours is awful right? Getting comfortable with yourself and how you look is so important as you only live once, do we really wanna spend it hating on other people because we wished we looked like them or think they’re not perfect? Nope I think we’ve all got better things to do with our time …  Now where did I find that filter that gave me hazel eyes…..