I have memories of having my hair platted by my sister and me absolutely hating it as it made my eyes STING and having her slap my head saying to man up even tho I remember it being pulled so tight It looked like I’d had a mini face lift! I just constantly looked shocked and surprised!

 I’m now on a mission to grow my hair ( because Recently I saw how incredible long my nieces hair is and basically got jealous ) so I have decided to keep it all tied back with no hair drying, no washing it everyday and caking it with every product I have In my wardrobe. Now there are loads of reciepes that I have come across recently to help your hair grow faster ( most have been ridiculous ) these range from:

Eggs + Olive Oil + A Shot Of Vodka

Egg Yolk + Coconut Oil + Chilli Oil

Tea Tree Conditioner + Castor Oil + Rosemary

and the most strangest of oil ( apart from the 1st one with the Vodka )

Vinegar + Sparkling Water

I have no idea If any of these reciepes will work? Or It’s just been made up by someone having a right laugh and passed down the line like a chinese whisper? Honestly just the thought of putting Vodka on my hair seems weird, plus I actually hate it as a drink even in cocktails it tastes like paint thinner!

I tried the Vinegar and sparkling water joke, only the once tho and I just stunk all evening and It made my hair feel rough so hell no to that one too. Anyway back to what I was talking about at the beginning, I’ve been wanting to braid my hair for a while and everytime I go to Topshop in Oxford Circus ( which is a lot ) I see that Hersheons Blow dry and plat mini salon on the bottom floor and have always wanted to have a go. I needed a few extention pieces in my hair as for some reason when I straighten my hair it looks soooo thin? But when I have my natural bushy curls It looks nice and thick? It’s all an illusion people an illusion I tell ya!! So seeing that I had an hour to kill yesterday and it was pouring down with rain ( Yes In june!! Ugh england summer stricks again ) I am pleased to say even with extentions clipped In and not having had my hair platted in ages it didn’t hurt and you can’t see where the fake bits are! The only problem is I’m not a fan of my forehead … It’s a big one guys, I always hide It very well by having my frizz pushed over to one side and not having my hair all scraped off my face. 

Every time I see someone on Instagram with their done in the Dutch braid they look amazing! Nicole Ritchie, Kim K, Naomi Campbell and Katy Perry they’ve all had it done recently and I just want in basically! 

 I’m gonna see how long I can leave my hair In these plats as It’s gonna stop me mucking around with it and will probably save me around an hour of getting ready time, now If you see me say hello whilst looking into my eyes and try not say it to my big shiny forehead which no doubt will be sticking out BIGTIME in your face.