Grab on to your lycra and big buffon hair as we are sooo bringing back the nineties, Gladiators are finally back on TV ( I’ve been trying to get James aka HUNTER, let me run around the house in his lycra outfit whilst we’re watching it but he won’t let me, he’s says that will just be weird … so out of order in my opinion anyway, If you haven’t seen it yet It’s on Sunday nights on Challenge TV. Now back to what I was saying, we’ve brought back bold branded T Shirts, Chokers, rainbow makeup and it doesn’t stop there, Zara has decided to bring back the CORSET BAG It’s £45.99 in Tan Suede and this time around I’m in love love love.

I’m Surprisingly not freaking out about the fact my iPhone plus might not actually fit into it but hey ho that doesn’t need to go in my bag right? That’s what my hands are for yeah?


To be fair, I’ve been trying to stop carrying so much rubbish around with me on a daily basis and I do empty out my bag every evening BUT somehow I still manage to lose everything at the bottom of my bag and can’t find my work pass or anything that’s not the size of a cows belly. So I’m going to try this smaller and more efficient thing … for now anyway .. not that I’m getting this Zara bag to walk into Kiss with, more I’m out-out check out my corset bag kinda thing … oh dear I’m rambling