I’ve always thought animals are incredibly intelligent, like they know things way before we can even detect them. Like they know before an earthquake is about to happen, they will up and leave in a hurry when they feel a volcano is about to erupt, they can detect illnesses in humans and other animals too, also when the wind changes and a hurricane is on its way you’ll notice flocks of birds evacuating in a hurry literally hours before. They just sense these things way before us. So this brings me back to them being the most intelligent beings right?

Well there’s this black and white cat that obviously lives in my area and I’m telling you now he has a death wish! There’s a dog park near where I live and all dogs are off the lead having fun, doing what dogs do and this cat seems to be tainting them by making an appearance on a regular basis sending every dog in sight crazy! It happened over the weekend, one minute we’re all in the middle of the park ( owners that is ) we’re freezing our butts off but having a good chit chat about Christ knows what and the next minute it was like a mad frenzy with high pitched screaming and barking!

Everyone went running after their dogs doing the 100 metre sprint as if we were trying to out do Usain Bolt,  Sarah slid in dog poo which was a hilarious part to this story, only because it wasn’t me otherwise I would of been absolutely furious! Anyway the cat made it up the tree  ( no harm done ) and to be honest I think he was laughing at everyone, he just sat there on the branch giving the two paws up head tilted to the side, no word of a lie he looked smug as if to say ha ha too slow you muppets come climb this tree go on I dare ya… he didn’t even care that 5 hysteric dogs all barking and whining were right below literally going crazy! I thought at one point Henry was gonna chew the tree down!

There was a ginger Pomeranian called Bert joining in too which made me laugh because this cat was two times bigger than her but she was still giving it large and joining in the pack! Trying to calm them all down took ages as every time we got further away it would only take one dog to run back and they all followed ! Which meant we had to all go charging after them like we were taking on Usain Bolt for the gold medal. No need for the gym when you’ve got dogs believe me, well naught ones anyway!
Why do dogs chase cats? Why is it something they instinctively do?  Is it down to smell? And how do cats know that dogs don’t like them? I know this isn’t the case for every cat as some live with dogs but the majority don’t? Also this one is the same cat that I’ve seen trotting down our road and he doesn’t even care when someone goes past with their dog on the lead he just sits in the middle of the pavement waiting for you to cross the road as your dog turns goes into a crazy high pitched barking machine! I know you’re probably thinking TRAIN YOUR DOG, and you’re right but isn’t this cat just the bravest dam thing you’ve ever heard?! He’s like the Don Juan of cats!