There is nothing quite like watching the love develop between two animals.

So as you know about 6 weeks ago I got a new puppy ( smudge ) which is Henry’s new mate and they’ve been getting on fantastically! She’s recovering sooooo well from her operation and it’s been amazing to watch how Henry has been doting over her. Just look at them together …

That’s love right? 

Now time for a gruesome puppy truth… BEWARE OF THE POO EATERS… Yep that’s right you read it correctly in fact have another look at that sentence and say it out loud…. Smudge is eating her own poo! Even tho I find this Hilariously disgusting this can’t go on! I’ve caught her a few times and done a 100 metre sprint to get her and clean it up before she can get that first mouthful! Yuk!

Now other times I’ve seen her get into position it’s definitely coming out and then when I go to the dog cupboard to get a poo bag and come back in the garden it’s gone! It’s like when a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, you have the same dumb founded look on your face as if to say HOW?!? At first I thought I was going mad, am I imagining her going to the toilet? It was only when I caught her in the act I knew exactly what was going on! Now I hear it’s normal some pups do and some pups don’t, it’s as simple as that.

You’ve just got to be ready for it and clean it up as soon as it drops ( ha I know that sounds disgusting, but You get my point right? I apologise if you’re having your lunch ) 

Soooo the next time you have your puppy on the sofa, your giving her a cuddle and she licks your face and gives you kisses ….. say no more right?