Soooo Christmas day is over and my belly STILL hasn’t gone down! I was feeling so ILL yesterday because for some bizarre reason on Christmas day I go into robotic mode and have to eat everything in sight, literally hand to mouth every 5 minutes and I’m not even joking! I went from turkey dinner to Ferrero Rocher to crisps and dips back to turkey sandwiches then cheese and crackers…. I don’t think I gave in till 9.30pm! So obviously my gut has had a right mood on for the last 24 hours and boy I could not stop going to the toilet … I won’t go on here, I’ll just leave you with that, But seriously why do we go into pure food monster mode? I was unstoppable and yes it was hilarious as even I couldn’t believe how much I was packing away but believe me I paid the price for it on boxing day and so did my dogs, Obviously I had to give them some turkey and gravy … with stuffing and brussels maybe a little beef wellington too ( oh my gawwwwwd this was the first time I’ve ever had beef wellington and wow wow wow why does hardly anywhere sell this? It’s amazing )

Now you can imagine the stink bombs that were going off when we were all trying to play charades … people were leaving the room because It was that bad, I couldn’t stop laughing as It’s absolutely hilarious even tho I still wished I had a gas mask as It is unbearable when they smell hot … You know what I mean? You know those ones that actually choke you?  (Of course I blamed a few on the dogs when It was blatantly me ha ha )

I love this weird bit between Christmas and new year, It’s almost like we’re all in limbo waiting for something major to happen without actually wishing the time away. The fact that everyone is still in that holiday mood smiling at you in the street and being friendly is great right? Just remember when that first week back to normal comes all of this will change, especially that first day back to work, watch how everyone on the tube will have a face on! Holiday time over!

Speaking of holidays do you remember back in march I went to Morocco and tried to climb up Mount Toubkal  ( which I had names Hell On Mount Toubkal as It literally was ) there was a real bad snow blizzard  up there which added on another 2 hours on our walk time as we couldn’t get through the storm and ended up us not being allowed too go further that the refuge. Quite frankly It was an absolutely horrendous experience! With that In mind yeah we are going back up there tomorrow, James decided we needed to complete what we started ( even tho it’s currently -12 up there at the moment ) Plus we get a free trip as the last was so bad and our guides should never have taken us the mountain knowing the weather conditions. So anyway I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and give it go seeing that he’s literally obsessed with completing it and making it to the summit. So this could be my last blog post for a while … Or If all goes well I’ll have loads of stories to tell ya probably about how I end up having a right go at James for making me wade through knee deep snow freezing my butt off so I have to go snuggling up with the mule in a hut right at the bottom of the mountain refusing to leave as I can’t feel my fingers and have icicles sticking my eyelids shut  ( which is exactly what happen last time .. the icicles part not the mule bit )

So lets see how this pans out shall we? HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance and I’ll see ya on the way back down!