You might think that you have to be born with confidence to have it, Or that it’s something some people just have and others not. I believe that throughout our lives we will all experience confidence lows and highs and there’s simply nothing we can do about it but just embrace the bad times note them down and make sure we rinse out the highs.

When I started radio presenting I was terrified of what people would think of me, how good/bad they thought I was at the job, whether they’d think I was stupid or simply just didn’t think I deserve to be where I was. I hated having these thoughts but they were a constant thing when I first started out and yes It affected me on air as I was too judgemental of myself, however, going through all of that has made me the confident person I am today.

I now look back and think this was actually a naturally healthy way to think and real emotions to have as I was super nervous about doing something that I had always dreamed of doing. Confidence is something that you can grow and expand within yourself, It’s also something you can fake ( and there’s nothing wrong with doing that ) …. I remember going out on stage in front of 80 thousand people at Wembley Stadium introducing David Guetta and at first glance what might have looked like this super excited and uber confident girl running out on stage shouting ‘hello Wembley’  ( a dream come true by the way ) what was going on underneath the smiles if you could have seen if you zoomed right in with a strong lens would have been the mic trembling as my right hand was uncontrollably shaking and the silence of me backstage going through all the lines in my head and not forgetting the sheer terror of thinking ‘what if I fall over on stage and everyone laughs?’ what do I do what do I do?! … even tho I was nervous as hell It made me go out there put on a show and work my ass off to nail it .

You see even If you’re not super confident in what you’re doing you can use that to your advantage, I believe anyone can be super successful In whatever they put their mind to, mind over matter and all that jazz. Use every mistake and negative situation to further your career as it’s all about experiences and how we overcome them. Never get stuck thinking my whole worlds ended because I just screwed up … I make mistakes all the time  ( just listen to my show I can guarantee I will do something to throw myself off balance ) and even tho It annoys me I write them down and I put a tally beside each thing I’ve mucked up calculating how many times I’ve made the same mistake over the last month so It highlights my weakness so I can work harder to stop doing it. If you’re really struggling with something Just remember this: I once made a complete fool out of myself throwing up live on air from a small plane ‘reporting live from the sky’ above the London Marathon for CapitalFM, I thought I had turned the mic off but everyone heard … literally every little bit I regurgitated, even the burp that followed after… Yep, I never lived that down!