Soooo day 1 and I’ve already annoyed James with my constant jumping on him, singing to him, making him give me a piggy back, kissing him, trying to play with Henry while on his lap… Yeah you know all the usual stuff, I’ve been to pets at home nearly come home with a rabbit and look at Henry and Smudges new bed

Amazing right? Looks SOOO comfy !

This morning I went to a yoga class at 10:30 AM if I’m honest with you I thought I was gonna find it boring but it was actually quite hard plus I didn’t understand the language of it all? And that humming thing just makes me laugh! I’m going to stick with it tho as I’m going to nail that scorpion pose before June!

Now you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve already ticked off one of my goals in my 4 month plan! It was the one right at the end, flying first class for the first time ever!!!!! Ive never done that before and cannot wait! I’ve had to use up all of my virgin air miles on my credit card ( and my mate mikes, which I’m sure he’s gonna ask for a favour in the future ) but look that’s one already down! So Dubai in May should be a flight to remember and yes I apologise now for all the tweets and Instagram pictures I will be uploading! But come on you can allow me to be excited right? It’s 1st class woooohooo