I had a really weird dream last night which was a mixture between the Truman show, the series fringe and sliding doors…You know when you wake up and you don’t understand if what’s happened is real or not and I takes you a couple of seconds to sort yourself out? I love these type of dreams!

Basically you know  when you have a déjà vu moment remembering this event has happened before doing exactly the same thing in exactly the same spot with exactly the same people? well in my dream the reason why you have those moments are because that moment has happened before, exactly 3 months ago in fact, in an alternate reality! 

We cross over from now and then without even realising it ( until we experience a déjà vu) because the other world is an exact replica of this one, it mirrors this world. There are four realities in total, one is exactly the same as earth ( because everyone deserves a second chance ) and the other two are completely different planets with different beings. Basically we’re being tested over a period of five thousand years and ‘they’ the ‘watchers’ are keeping a close eye on which one they will keep alive for the future and which they will destroy and feed to the black hole…. every decision that every human makes is being noted as it all comes from us having free will… the worst part is that we’re all being judged from other people’s good or bad decisions.

I couldn’t believe how unfair this was so somehow I contacted the ‘watchers’ and told them how it wasn’t fair for us to be judged by a every single strangers evil doing and how some of us are good, I remember being told that we’re all linked by our brains and we all share the same thoughts we just don’t know it yet and the ones who have worked it out get carted off to an asylum! I was having a full on conversation and then I remember being electrocuted by a bolt of lightening !?! Which woke me up obviously … all of this came from my dream!! I need to write a book right?