So seeing that I couldn’t be bothered to leave the house last night I decided to have a play around and see what was in the cupboard that I could use to give myself a ‘DIY Facial Spa Treatment’ I haven’t come out in any spots this morning or have any unexplained rashes so It must be ok….. I hope…..

So firstly I washed my face and got my make up off using Boots Botanics 3 in 1 cleanser which is brilliant by the way, normally I find all these cleansers to be rubbish as I still have loads of mascara on in the morning and look like something straight ut of a marylin manson video, However this one seems to really work with me. Anyway I boiled the kettle cut half a lemon filled up the bathroom sink plonked the lemon in and held my head over with a towel over so had a nice little facial steam for 5 minutes. 

Next you will probably find this ridiculous but I did it and it worked great as an exfoliator. Porridge and warm milk! Yep I put this on my face!! Only add a little milk tho as you want it thick and grainy, massage this onto your face getting right in on your nose, chin and forhead ( these are my problem areas where I get the most blackheads ) after wash with cold water and you’ll feel all refreshed. I used the left overs on my back as a scrub too seeing that it’s my time of the month and I’m having a massive breakout and it’s getting ridiculous trying to contort myself like an advanced gymnast trying to get at the little nastiest taking over my back! Ugh! ( that’s probably a little TMI but hey ho )

Now for the eyes, I heard cold wet tea bags were great for calming down puffy tired eyes and for dulling down dark circles, So I gave it a go had them on for about 10 minutes just laying on the sofa chilling and when I took them off I couldn’t see!!!! No joke It was like white stars and circles were floating around,I started to freak out! I have no idea why it did that? I blame the caffine in the green tea? I didn’t like that one bit so I DO NOT recommend this at all stick to cucumber slices and plop them in a nice glass of cold water once you’re done with them. ( recyclings good )