There’s one thing knowing you’re weird but finding out that your mates are even weirder is just the best thing ever.
So you know I have two dogs ( Henry and Smudge ) my best mates mike and Alex got their first dog together a few weeks ago, a gorgeous rescue boy part staff part mastiff ( yes he’s gonna be frigging HUGE!! I don’t thin they realise this …. His head is already bigger than Henrys )
Now when James told he had googled ‘when will dogs be able to talk’ just to see when it will be scientifically possible ( obviously trying to rationalise his actions )as he wants smudge to say ‘I love you daddy’ apart from instantly saying “oooh what did it say? Will it happen?” I realized that it’s not a normal thing to be doing right? Like when did our brains turn into dog mush? then when mike told me he’s been googling ‘does my dog love me?’ I’ve now decided we’re all a little nuts and dog obsessed and quite honestly there’s just no going back.

It’s got to the point now that most of my conversations will involve the dogs ( I’m that annoying person who always brings out a photo of their dog to say ‘oooh look at him he’s just sitting there looking all cute’ when in fact he’s just slumped on the sofa looking like he’s saying ‘get that camera out my face’ But people do this when they have kids so It’s only right to do It if you have dogs right?

I probably shouldn’t admit this but I even give my little ones a shout out on the radio if I’ve left it on in the kitchen, Of course they wanna hear their mummy shout them out right? they love it, you’ve probably heard me do it but not even realized it but come on there’s no human in the world with the name smudge! ( luckily the boss hasn’t told me off yet however, It will happen because I’m shouting out my dogs for crying out loud, it is ridiculous I know but I just can’t help it )

Anyway, this brings me onto the funniest find ever, well if you have a dog anyway. You know almost every owner has a whole box of tennis balls? Well this little find could save you a load of cash …

Basically Mike found out that dogs don’t actually like chasing after balls, they do it to please their owners because they think it brings us sooooo much joy?!?! I mean come on how ridiculous ironic is that? We waste our money on getting our dogs a lifetime supply of balls because we think they love it while really they can’t be arsed to run after them but do because we’re constantly shouting good boy and well done acting like they’ve just done the best thing in the world by bringing back that ball.

No wonder why Henry goes and buries his all the time, he’s probably thinking ‘how many more of these damn things do I have to lose till she gets it’? Or ‘ If I keep running away from her with the ball in my mouth maybe she’ll stop making me run after it’?  Thing is I just bought 50 balls for £15.99 on Ebay so he’s gonna have to get through all of them till I stop … Back luck Henry you should have worked how to talk and told me you can’t be arsed!