Does your dog constantly itch? bite at his paws or have a sore looking red rash on his belly ? My little one has suffered with all three of these.

Now having sensitive skin doesn’t mean straight away it’s your dogs food, he could be allergic to something more environmental like the febreze you use on your sofa, the fabric softner you use on your clothes, It could be pollen your dog has an allergy to? There’s loads of things you can try to cancel out, it can be a real slow process and believe me your little one will be giving you that look of why are you doing this to me? where’s all my treats? and long walks out in the forest? They actually think you’re being mean to them!

I stopped taking henry to the park for a while because I thought he was allergic to the grass he was rolling in, I stopped feeding him chicken, only used bio washing powder, started washing him with warm water went we came back from a grassy area. I tried the lot!

Let’s start at the beginning, My first dog was a gorgeous Cairn Terrier called Growler ( I know I know … I just didn’t know the meaning of that word at the time, what can I say ? I was Innocent and not corrupted !! ) anyway he was allergic to fleas, So whenever he came into contact with a dog or cat that had them or caught them himself he would bite himself red raw! He also developed an allergy to to some kinds of pollen which meant some nights he would chew at his paws and make them all red and sore.

My staffie cross ( Henry ) has really sensitive skin too and he’s been to the vets loads of times because he can come out in a really red spotty rash that looks itchy as hell. He’s been on steroids, antibiotics , different creams I’ve tried piriton the lot and FINALLY and I really do mean this … FINALLY I think I’ve cracked it! Due to trial and error

For the past few months I’ve been using Yumega¬†oil on Henrys food, It’s a natural oil jam packed with omega 3 and 6 , it’s got loads of vitamin E in it to. I honestly believe this has contributed to my boys skin no longer feeling sensitive and itchy all the time, he’s actually got a real glossy coat ( bare in mind he’s the shortest haired staffie I know, he doesn’t have a thick coat at all that’s why I bough him a winter coat … a staffie in a parker .. yeah yeah I know I know )

Right lets talk about food, I’ve changed his grub a lot and I know there will be a lot of people telling you that this is bad and I would normally agree but I had to find the right one he was happy with because as you will know if you have a dog with sensitive skin their food can be quite bland and they simply just get bored of it. I’ve tried loads of different brands from Eukunuba, Purina, Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved, some henry loved some he hated and was a complete waste of time ( and money )

I now have him on Duncans Doggy Deli¬†I use the smart salmon and talented turkey it’s got no bad stuff like grains, dairy, gluten artificial flavours or preservatives. It’s brilliant! both of my dogs love it and you don’t have to mix it with wet food so there’s no farting all night and having to run out the room gagging …. and no that wasn’t me blaming the dog!