When I say the word dog what’s the one word that comes straight to your mind right now? What was it? Mine was LOVE, I’ve also got a picture of Henry licking his butt in my head that’s just not right … Ok that was all now read below:

The immune system is a very funny thing … You go on the tube and touch the same handles a million other people have touched that day breath in the same air from the cabin that everyones couched in and most probably take it in the face when some sneezes just 10 feet away, so getting a cold is a very high probability right ?

But think about this, I can have my dog in the bed without wiping his feet that have been in christ knows what all afternoon in the park rolling around in ( I dare say it because Henry hasn’t done this for a while but you know what I’m talking about right ? Our little fox friends black mess ) I kiss him on the head the nose the ear, I let him lick me on the face and have at times fed him treats from my mouth, all of this and I don’t get sick in fact I don’t find it disgusting at all but I know some people do …

Basically I was just in the park and met this girl who was like ‘oh no I don’t let Charles ( the name of her dog ) on the sofa or the bed that’s dirty plus he’s not allowed upstairs so  I don’t have that problem’ Now believe me when I say this because I saw it with my own eyes, she had these boots on her dog like 4 little Ugg boots??!!  She was laughing with me a bit but I’m sure she thought this was perfectly normal? She said she makes everyone take their shoes off when they enter her house so why should Charles be treated any different.

Now of course I found this frigging hilarious and yes I did try and get a photo but because my phone is being an absolute dick and turning off when it hits below 30% , unfortunately I can’t show you the funniest dog picture you’ll ever see but I will definitely see her again and she lives near me apparently so I will be more prepared next time. I promise

Now this brings me to the question who’s right and who’s wrong? I’m not a fan of people carrying their dogs around In a pram or walking them around In a handbag I think it’s ridiculous actually, they are dogs they have 4 legs that were made for walking, running, jumping and playing on. I also don’t think you’re a proper dog lover If you think they’re dirty animals that need boots whenever they’re outside, you don’t want yours playing with other dogs because they get ‘messy’  You don’t want your dog on the sofa or the bed or even allowed upstairs ?!

Is it just me or are you like hang on why the hell do you have a dog then? Why have the real thing? shouldn’t you just go get yourself that tamagotchi thing ? You know that pocket egg where you look after a digital dog ( Oh dear this is probably showing my age I’m a baby I promise you, If you have no idea what I’m talking about google it ) So am I right or am I just over loving and a complete push over when It comes to my two? I do smother mine way too much and let them get away with loads, I just can’t help it, It’s the way they look at me they know what they’re doing they have me in the palm of their paws and they just smell sooooo good! In fact I’ve gotta go and kiss them now ….