I just read a story about how the police had to smash through a car window today  to save the life of a poor little Yorkshire Terrier that was left inside a car ON THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR!! Yep I can’t believe it either!?? Are people stupid or what? Like who and why would you do that? It doesn’t take a scientist to work out how awful it is to bake to death in temperatures similar to that of standing in a greenhouse on a hot sunny day with no chance of a way out watching everyone walk by as you pass out through sheer exhaustion! Would you like to sit in an oven? No I don’t think so, it’s simple right?  If you can’t take your dog out the car with you and you know it’s a hot day where we’re all sweating like pigs, then why have you brought him just to shut him in hell? It doesn’t matter how long for, If you can’t look after your pet responsibly then should you be having one? The owner got a warning which is a mild telling off ( I got way more than that when I used to play up in the class room at school, all I had to do was laugh really loudly and bam I was getting shouted at ! ) so basically what I’m saying is Animal welfare needs looking at in this country and sorting out big time!!  

Yes I’m on one today, I dropped my phone and the screens cracked … Not just down one side all over… Anyone would think I’ve thrown it in the nutrition bullet when it was just a simple fumble of finger’s then the look of horror when it slips through and goes tumbling to the ground in slow motion of course but still I’m not fast enough to catch it! Ugh! 

Anyway back to dogs in hot cars just don’t do it, it’s not hard is it? Dogs die in hot cars …. You love your dog? Then don’t shut them in SIMPLES !!! Rant over .. Enjoy the rest of your night 😉