Today Is one of those days when everything seems to go wrong, you know when you have just 6 hours sleep? It’s almost like my brain can’t compute with the most basic of commands. Have you noticed that when you feel like this even though your dog has had about 12 hours sleep lazying around all day, he feeds off of your energy and basically mimics you. I’m blaming this on the reason why I just looked like a complete idiot as I had to spend half an hour chasing Henry around the park all because he had taken another dogs ball and he wouldn’t for the life of him ‘Drop’ (which Is the command word I use accompanied by a treat ) however today of all days the treat didn’t work Henry wasn’t having any of it! I can imagine I looked like something straight out of a circus me running around saying drop the other owner running after her dog shouting ‘No Rosie come back to mummy’ ( Rosie was a fast springer spaniel that just wanted to chase Henry round and round In circles ) It was hilarious and you know what It was the best exercise, for the both of them and us!

It all ended with both our dogs giving up on the ball entirely and they both took a running jump into the lake which resulted in us getting told off by the park rangers ( Is that what they’re called ? ) Saying dogs aren’t allowed in because of the swans … and guess what? both our dogs then decided to be even bigger dicks as they wouldn’t get out because they were having so much fun swimming. Once again I say today of all days WHY? I just wanna go have an afternoon nap I’m still feeling mash up from DJ-ing on Saturday night at the races! ( I need to tell you about that another time as I kept shouting out down the mic … “what’s up CHELTENHAM you guys having a good time tonight ?!” …. I was In CHELMSFORD ….. NOT CHELTENHAM … CHELMSFORD …. If I could insert that wide eyed blank looking emoji here I would .. as I said that’s a whole another blog I’ll confess all in.

Anyway, I’m currently sitting on the sofa glad that’s all over and wanted to tell you about a wicked little find I’ve been trying for over a month now. I recently changed Henrys food over from dry food to RAW, Now because he has sensitive skin I was worried that instantly he was gonna have a red rash come up like chicken pox on his belly and start scratching so I did it gradually and you know what guys, it’s perfect for him, for a few reasons:

1- His “get me out this room now before I breathe any more of this in and throw up all over the place” stinky farts have stopped ( I think that was because of the low-quality wet food I was mixing with his dry food )

2- He’s got a whole load of energy! He’s been running around like a greyhound on a race course

3- I don’t want to talk about poo but you know those awful wet ones that make you gag when you bend down to scoop it up? Well forget all of that business as natural instinct sorts it out, it actually did the opposite to what I thought, I was thinking It would be a splatter because its raw meat! You know what I mean?

4- His coat is all shiny and has grown back in his hot spots which can sometimes lose hair if he’s been scratching due to an allergic reaction to something.

Seriously check this out because If you’ve ever thought about changing over to raw food Natural Instinct are the best and are great for dogs with sensitive skin allergies. One tip those, If you buy the Tripe meal put a peg over your nose … It STINKS!