One of the most valuable lessons you can learn in life is DON’T TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLYYou live once right? Have a laugh at yourself and do whatever it is you want to do. Don’t just sit there and complain about NOT doing it, take the action and DO it… You end up not liking it? Then move on. We really don’t have the time to be stressing over every little thing, being so over the top organised you can’t have anything out of place? Or constantly worrying if we’re doing the right thing? 

You can be and do whatever you want in life you just have to have the guts to quit and start something new ( which can be terrifying, but do you really wanna be stuck in the same routine year after year month after month day after day ?? ) 

Take time for instance, James is the opposite to me if he says let’s meet at 8pm he’ll be there in place at 7.45pm ready and waiting, clock watching … Me on he other hand will be texting you at 7.15pm saying I’m gonna be late let’s call it 8.30pm then probably a follow up text saying let’s just make it 9pm just to be safe…. I’ve never been one to get stressed over time as its the only real thing we have to live our life by so I enjoy it rather than living like a Tasmanian devil running all about the place working myself up into a right mess over the smallest of things. Now don’t get me wrong, if I’ve gotten up early to go somewhere and end up waiting for a train for ten minutes only for it to be absolutely packed and I have to squash myself in ( much to the disgust of the other passengers as I force my way in and believe me I do ram myself in ) I will be stressed, pead off and very wound up! That cannot be helped, packed tubes and late trains really get on my nerves! Commuter traffic is awful, Why they haven’t invented that transporter machine yet I don’t know? 

In fact I’m sure somewhere hidden in a field in a remote part of some country there’s a secret lab with tests going on and they’ve almost cracked it .. Some people have probably gone in and just not come out the other end and splattered in some alternate reality, BUT it will be made one day I’m sure ….Ok, I’ve gone too far, I’m talking weird stuff now … I don’t want you to think I’m a freak ( just yet ) so this is where the blog ends for now … I’m just sitting on a Virgin Train from York back to London and James is on his phone doing ‘business’ so here I am rambling to you. It’s probably the coffee as I’ve blatantly had wayyyy too much today and thinking about writing a Sy Fy book on the relationship of a humanoid alien and an astronaut That get stranded on the moon after they both fail their missions to retrieve data back to their planets as it seems the moon is disappearing like literally getting smaller and smaller which will effect our gravity on earth and have a disastrous effect for us all. Both end up going to another planet to live after an accident leaves them with only enough gas in the tank to go there, this planet changes them, inside and out and gives them a very unique special ability which benefits the planet, however do they report back to their space stations and say there’s a planet ready to take human life with oxygen and vegetation ( only for humans to take over and destroy and suck the planet dry, they see this in a flash forward scene… ) so do they try and give humans the benefit of the doubt or take the planet for themselves …? Decisions Decisions… P.S never have 3 coffees before 4pm, it might send you a bit weird too!