Ok, first of all, I wanna start by saying I never thought I would be the kind of person to like living on my own.

I’m the complete opposite of independent living however I’ve actually surprised myself and become this little independent butterfly that actually likes her own company! I can walk around in my PJs all day on a Saturday afternoon, Do my butt and core exercises on the living room floor without anyone watching, I can secretly go to bed at 9.30pm or come in late and not wake anyone up, plus I can watch Jeremy kyle and not feel guilty about it … One thing tho, the talking to myself has actually become a thing a now, like I’m actually having conversations with myself Is that a worry? Or do I just put that down to being a radio presenter and that I’m always talking? So It’s normal right?

Chore Hell:
Yep, you will have to clean up after yourself every time you make a mess, there’s no “It’s your turn babe to unload the dish washer” Or “Can you take out the bins as it’s starting to stink coz of the poo bags I’ve left in there” Yep, You have to do it all … every last bit, unless you wanna live in a complete pig sty?

Wolfs Ears :

When you live alone your ears seem to go into over drive and your paranoia blatantly spikes. Every little sound whether it be a scratch, crunch, wind blowing in the trees, voices from neighbors on the balcony, the rain on the window sill, ¬†anything that happens outside sounds like it’s happening inside … which instantly becomes SOMEONES IN THE FLAT HELP ARGGGGGGGG what do I do what do I do ( climb under the covers and put the pillow over your head and tell your dog to stop barking because It’s freaking you out even more ) SHUT UP HENRY!

Swimming In Your Bathroom :

If you’re someone like me you will know all about the danger of this one … Ok If my landlord reads this he’s gonna kill me! Anyway I obviously have the brain of a puppy because when I run a bath It’s like almost instantly I go to watch TV or get on the phone and start a deep conversation or I play with my dog Henry and COMPLETELY forget about the bath, I once ( about 7 years ago ) flooded the bathroom and hall and ruined the flat downstairs ceiling ( basically I ran the bath and almost instantly after went out to walk my dog forgetting I had the bath running )

Talking To Yourself:

When you’re soooo used to living with someone commenting on things you see happening on the TV, not being able to find something that you’ve been searching for, for ages, thinking about what to have for dinner etc … All lead to you still asking those questions however you simply don’t get an answer back. I basically talk to myself. This has spilled out into like in the KISS studio, My mate caught me talking to myself when he came In and I didn’t realize, he said ” the mics not up so who are you talking to? ” MYSELF OBVS !!

Spider Hell:

That massive hairy spider that has been staring at you from the corner of the room and tonight of all nights he decides to make a run across the floor in your direction…. What the HELL do you do ?!? SCREAMMMMM and throw your arms in the air as if that’s gonna help?! You live alone remember no one can hear you … apart from that massive hairy spider that now knows you’re scared of him … great …

Menstrual Cycle Anger:

So when It’s that time of the month, you’re feeling a little delicate, a little sensitive maybe a little angry and wound up all at the same time, the problem here is normally you’d have an outlet to release all of this on however when you live alone you can’t really argue with yourself so get ready to rinse out those free minutes as you will be calling up your mates asking why they haven’t called you and why they’re being A Holes! ( You’ll be fine in the next 24 hours just remember to send that apology text )