Right, we need to talk! About 4 months ago I started going to get my nails done as a mini treat to myself ( even though I actually love doing my nails sitting on the floor watching TV, but there is something relaxing about having someone else doing it ), Anyway everyone has been banging on about Shellac and how amazing it is so finally I agreed to give it ago. At first I was scared because you hear how acrylics have literally destroyed peoples nails making them weak, so thin and brittle that they pop off at the slightest little catch.

My first experience was with my mate becky as she got a freebie for me and wow wow wow I loved it, it’s soooo quick and as soon as you’re done your nails are dry, 100% smudge free and they are hard as hell! Nothing can break these nails. It’s safe to say once you go shellac you don’t go back …. Why would you when your nails are harder than ever and they grown sooo dam long! I have two dogs and am clumsy as anything yet still in 4 months they haven’t even chipped!

They’ve been through everything at the gym and even when I think i’ve ripped a nail off by getting out the car door too fast they’re still there sitting on my fingers staring back at me like a falcons talon and boy have they got long! I was thinking just a few months more and I can contact the guinness book of records and out do the current record holder!

As with all things that cover the body/hair/nails etc I always believe that you should give it a break for a while, let it breathe to keep it healthy so best to take it off give a few days then reappy right ?? Well WRONG! I went against the salons instructions and said ‘can you take it all off and I will come back in next week to get shellac back on’ I had to repeat why I was doing this and insist that’s what I wanted to do, they all kept saying no it’s ok to just use shellac no need to leave it off for a week… now at the time I wondered what all the fuss was about surely it doesn’t matter ? … now I know why…

Sunday I had it taken off and by Wednesday EVERYONE of my nails have either broken or split! LOOK! My dogs nails are longer than mine! I feel as if i’ve gone into a hairdressers and said just a trim please but end up coming out with a chin bob eyes red from balling them out in the loo!!!

So when everyone says ‘oh no shellac wont make your nails weak’ is a liar ! Because I’ve never had all my nails ping off like this one by one in a matter of days! It was like playing dominos with my fingers!

So beware If you’re thinking of getting it done because you’ll love it and be amazed by how it make your nails so much stronger and longer ┬ábut remember it’s only while you have it on tho because as soon as you take it off say bye bye nails ….