I know we all like to laugh and joke about the dreaded cone of shame, but the past 12 days have been absolutely horrendous. My poor boy Henry burst a blood vessel in his left ear just before Christmas and although at times he really didn’t care he was acting just as normal running around like a crazy dog, as soon as he hit it Or brushed past the wall he’d let out a high pitched scream so although you can leave it as it sometimes does sort itself out I thought it was best to have the operation and get his ear fixed.

Never in all my years of having a dog have I had to have them wearing the dreaded cone of shame for so long it has been 12 days now and he absolutely hates it, sits on the sofa shivering as soon as I take it off his tail wags and he runs around but he did scratch the back of His ear two days ago and Because he’s had his stitches out now he scratched the scabs and it bled loads so back on the cone went…

for those of you who have a Staffie you will know that they give you those puppy eyes and they overdramatize everything, he is currently sitting on the sofa head down eyes looking all big and upset, he looks like he’s the most depressed dog in the world. The worst part is he normally sleeps in my bed underneath the covers and yes I have tried to carry on that tradition but you can imagine how uncomfortable it was for both of us, I actually tried sleeping with my knees up while he was in between my legs so the covers weren’t touching his cone, obviously I didn’t get one ounce of sleep so, two hours later I put him in his bed. The worse part of having the cone on is when you’re in the park, ( while your dog has the cone on you’re meant to have your dog on the lead at all times but if there’s no one around I left him off so he can do his thing ) the worst part is them bashing the cone on trees, barriers, lampposts, peoples legs … even 12 days later he’s still doing this!

Can someone please make a nicer cone, I know there are these comfy Inflatable Collars …. but because it’s his ear he’s had the operation on I can’t use it as he can reach them!
Now I know this is gonna make you think I’m even weirder than I actually am but I actually put the cone on myself to show Henry it wasn’t so bad after all and after crawling around on the floor like a nutter I tell you now it was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever had round my neck! ( I hate how tight the vet tells you to put it on even tho when I loosened it Henry managed to get out of it ) Plus it restricts your view of left and right as you can only see straightforward, no wonder why he’s walking around looking like he’s the most depressed dog in the world.