So it’s been two weeks since my last driving lesson so obviously my brain hasn’t got back into ‘hey i’m a competant driver’ mode, In fact the first thing i did was ask ” so tell me again left is clutch, middle is gas, right is break?’ UGHHHHJust by asking that you can tell this is going to be an interesting hour and a half…   

  After a few goes on the small residential roads which are nice and easy, we decided to up the anti by going down those awful small roads with cars parked on both sides and really only one of you can down it, So here goes meeting exercise from hell, I get half way down everythings great until a car decides to turn into the road and NOT turn into the space that was free on his side of the road, I obviously stop and because he made it clear he wanted me to go back, into reverse i go which was fine but you can tell by now I’m sweating with my hands getting clammy and I’m stressing for no reason, anyway i get into a space to let him pass ( what a knob tho for not using the space he had first ) Two words that I’ve got a real dislike for HILL START :/ It can go to hell really, They are the worse in fact I’d rather try and paralle park in front of a cafe with everyone watching outside than do a hill start.

Now with that in mind to make me better at them of course my lesson is filled with them. My first and second wasn’t so bad just a little roll back… well when i say little one of them was ridiculous. It was the one on a busy road when a mercedes decided to park himself right up my backside ON A HILL ??? Hello? I have a big fat L on the back of the car plus on the roof, doesn’t that suggest you should give me a little space ? What an arse! Anyway hand break on I’m waiting to move, my armpits are wet, hands are wet, i had the look of worry on my face as if to say I’ve just done a number 2 right here right now… My instructor is brilliant she got me to find the biting point perfectly so no roll back even tho i was dreading lifting up the hand break, because my thoughts were ‘ that nice mercades is about to get my bumber all in it’s face’  

 Here we go again down one of those small roads with cars parked on both sides ahhhhhhhhh

Those roads really shouldn’t be allowed to have cars parked either side, Can we make that a new law just to help us all out? It would make life sooo much easier. I turn right into the road thinking everythings great no cars coming towards me HOWEVER the white van on the left decides when I get nice and close without signaling just pull out ! GREAT thanks mate for giving me a mini heart attack and being a responsible driver you *****  

 By now I’m thinking I need a wash because i’m going from hot sweat to normal to clammy to normal and top this off before an unmarked police car on the other side of the road puts his sirens on just as i’m about to turn right into a road and give me the fright of my life… what happens next? The first time my instrusctor has to put on the breaks for me !!! BREAKKKKKKKKK

I think that’s all I have for you today, apart from swalloing a fly when i was trying to park and thinking whatever that fly has had to eat today I now have inside me, am i infected? Should I call the doctor later? Oh hang on I’m parking the car concentrate :/

It’s shattered me out, my brains fried and I just can’t even think about tomorrows two hour lesson on the big boy A roads …. I’m stressing out now… I need a nap… But can we all please not note once have I stalled the car…… yet!