So after all my mates filling up my timeline on every possible social media outlet that I have with holiday pics of them on the beach living it up in Dubai, Barbados, Tenerife, Barcelona and Greece, I decided to go on one of my own but not on my own because that be like my worst nightmare ever.

I went to Dubai with my mate Vicki and the story I’m about to tell you is a bit of a shocker. When you go on holiday what is the one thing we all have panic attacks about? Forgetting your passport right well Vicky had her passport when we landed in Dubai but not when we left the airport.

Now I’m the kind of person that if distracted by talking texting tweeting or just by being a daydream whatever I’m meant to be doing is basically screwed because I have a really bad attention span and what I’m about to tell you proves that other people are just as bad as me.

Right, let’s start at the beginning, the flight was amazing we went upper on Virgin feeling all bujee and ting! ( no this wasn’t a freebie it was a credit card job ) now, all though the 6 hour flight Vicki had been telling me ‘as soon as we get to the hotel we gotta get our bags ready and leave for Zero gravity ( beach club ) no mucking about we can’t be late’ we were going because It was ladies day !! FREE DRINKS ooooh hello!! *virtual wave*  I’m there did I hear someone say FREEBIE?

As we get through customs at the airport two people on the desk that Vicky and I went to were having a chat catching up on probably whatever happened the previous night, they were having a great time. I got through fine Vicki was held back because the scanner wasn’t working, she finally managed to get through, we said goodbye to some random who were chatting to on the plane, we got in a cab to the hotel and finally arrived in paradise. We can’t wait to get our bikinis and get to that beach club however when checking in at reception there was quite a big problem, the woman spent a long time looking at Vicky’s passport then looking at her face, looking back to her passport and then looking back to Vicki … she had the wrong passport!!!

The guy who was helping us out at the airport paid for a cab back to the hotel which was amazing.

So back to the hotel we go, we were meant to be going to Zero gravity remember and all Vicky kept moaning about was getting there early to get a bed but seeing that the passport fiasco was hers, not mine I was taking this all in my stride and enjoying the free ride. After convincing Vicki to have lunch at the hotel ( because we were half-board and in my head I’m getting food for free even know that we paid for it, I’m gonna make sure I have breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner every single day without fail ) Once food was consumed ( loads of it as It was an eat all you can buffet, my favourite ) we got an uber, which was ridiculous for two reasons 1 It’s cheaper to get normal taxis in Dubai and 2 It’s just down the other end of the beach it’s only a 7 minute walk? So we get stuck In traffic which makes us even later …  I blame Vicki ha! Anyway, we got there really late and there was a massive queue which Vicki just bossed, with no hesitation, she walked straight up to the girl with the clipboard and pointed at me saying he’s gotta DJ tonight and walked straight in!!!! no jokes, I was sheepishly behind her silent as a ox ( Is that a saying? ) I didn’t realize what she was doing till after she did it. She’s a boss at blagging like next level! I don’t have the guts I’m rubbish compared to her!

This is my first time there and the place was buzzing, the sun was burning, you’ve got the skydivers parachuting literally above your head I’m ready to sunbathe what could possibly go wrong next ? … Yep exactly what Vicki had been going on about for the last 9 hours, It was rammed! There was no space for us! Not by the stage, not inside, not on the beach nowhere! I remember her saying ‘I told you so’ but by now I’m over all the stress and ready to join the boys jumping out planes above my head I just need somewhere to dump all my bags. Sooooo back to the hotel we go! You thinking what I’m thinking? why didn’t we just stay at the hotel in the first place? Yes this has taught me a very valuable lesson, always check your passport when leaving the airport and never ever make any plans on the first day of holiday because If you have my kinda luck all plans will be screwed the moment you touch down.