I’ve been a lippy addict for time now but I’m slowly becoming better at experimenting with my eyes and learning the art of shading! The amount of YouTube and insta videos I’ve been watching I should be a guru by now …. but I’m not… im still working on it ! My eye idol ( and girl crush ) is Kylie Jenner she nails it every single time! Her eye game is ON POINT! 

Now the nude palette is what made Urban Decay famous if you love your smokey eyes you’ll definitely have one of these in your make up bags! But for now put that into the back of your mind as they are hitting us with something completely different.. say hello to Full Spectrum 

21 different shades which range from blues, greens, yellows and pinks! 18 of these colours Urban Decay have never made before, you have so much to chose from wheather you’re into bold brights colour or a creamy matt whites. Think sparkly rainbow.

At first glance you’re probably thinking exactly what I did…  gorgeous to look at but hell no am I wearing yellow,orange or green on my eyes! Are you Mad?!?! However If you don’t wanna look like coco the clown the trick is in the blending of colours! ( I do this with lipsticks too, put two different shades together and mix them in ) However if you’re still not feeling adventurous use one of the shades as a liner! It’s out end of October so watch out!