Now I wanted to talk to you about something, How far do you go to get that Instagram shot? If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have noticed I’ve been doing a lot of shots outside, some in parks or shops that I love the decor in, on colourful streets and outside some very nice houses … now I try and go as early as possible to make sure no one else is around. However that’s not always possible. what is the one thing that you wouldn’t want to happen to you whilst you’re taking pictures outside someone’s house? Because believe me that happened to me today! To be fair I’m surprised this hasn’t happened to me before.

Here I am on someone’s doorstep trying to get the perfect picture of me just propped up on a pillar outside the front door and what happened? Someone walks out to ask what am I doing. Now I’m not easily embarrassed and to be fair this just made me laugh more than anything. ( my brain Isn’t quick at lying so I just told the truth ) “I’m using your house as my Instagram background” Then silence for a few seconds …  Now, this could’ve gone one of two ways, She could have got annoyed and said can you get off my property or she could of found it very funny and said ” Oh okay then snap away”.

Luckily for me, It was the latter and this lady actually offered me a cup of coffee which I said yes to because Number one I was being polite and two was that I was actually freezing cold standing there In a dress and come on, who says no to coffee?!
Now I’m not gonna lie to you I actually love doing Instagram shots, especially with my new Fuji camera! I love it so much and It’s fun but am I taking it too far now running around London jumping on doorsteps, trying to find the perfect coffee shops and sitting on gates outside shops?! It’s like I’m a fugitive on the run changing outfits in parks, cafes and on the street on the lookout hoping no one notices …

How far would you go to get the perfect Instagram picture? Those of you that know me, know that I’m kinda obsessed with it now. I love sorting out my next Instagram shoot finding the perfect background and playing with my camera. Yes my mates hate me because where ever we go now I’m like hang on a minute, can you just take a picture of me ?… It must be soooo annoying for them, I get that but I’m addicted to it now so It looks like they have no choice!

I actually think In a few years time there are gonna be SMA meetings for social media addicts, maybe I’ll host one of the sessions whilst booking myself in because we all know I need the help.