I know I’ve been a bit rubbish on here recently but I’m back, had a few technical issues and I am getting the picture size sorted so if you’re reading this on a laptop you don’t have to scroll down a whole A4 size Image of my face which is not what you need to see at this time in the morning… or at anytime to be fair! Anyway I’m working on it, well obviously I’m not because as you know I’m no technical genius, far from it in fact so my friend Mike is on the case. 

So it’s been a crazy one these last few days at London Fashion Week, a massive thank you to everyone at Nusic, Pop PR, Becky, Vicki the guys at Century you’re all babes! I’ve had a great time, I’ve watched some amazing shows, Ashley Isham and VIN & OMI being my favourites, I’ve been in goody bag heaven and grooming room pampered, met some incredible new friends catched up with old ones and Finally realised what my problem is, You know those moments when you go into your wardrobe and search for something amazing and everything you pull out is either the wrong shape or colour or size for how you’re currently feeling?

I had one of those moments the other night! I left it till the last minute to find something to wear and totally stressed out throwing everything in my wardrobe onto the floor! Proper tantrum hissy fit! I couldn’t understand where everything had gone? It was like an alien had gone in there eaten a whole loaf of my stuff and replaced it with a load of crap!

It’s like whenever I’m in a rush or leave getting ready to the last minute everything I love disappears into thin air, like seriously where did everything go? 

With it being London Fashion Week you’d think that I have everything laid out for each show, with at least an idea of what I wanna do with my hair and make up …. ha I wish! My room currently looks like the Tasmanian devil has been let loose with chilli up his bum! I would normally show you a picture here but even I’m embarrassed! Somehow I’ve got my hair straighteners, hairdryer and heating comb all tangled up on the floor in between my leggings and a pair of shoes I haven’t even worn for months so how they got out the wardrobe I don’t know? I was going to tell you that I’ve been really organised this week but obviously that would be a lie ! If it wasn’t for my mates all pulling me though and telling when and where to be I would probably have missed the whole LFW and ended up at Thorpe Park somehow !?! ( which wouldn’t of been too bad I’m waiting for Fright Nights ) 

So to stop all this faffing around and always running late I’ve decided that before I go out tonight I’m going to have a proper sort out anything that I ummmm and ahhhhh about is going out the door… see ya later! There’s so much time

wasted on thinking about what to wear it’s ridiculous! I could have an extra half hour in bed if I just sorted it out the night before!? 

One thing I have learnt this week is that fashion is more of an emotion, a feeling that you have at that moment…? Whatever you’re going through at that moment in time is portrayed in the clothes you decide to wear. So this morning I’m in all black …. and that’s because I’m pead off that I naturally woke up at 5.30am before my alarm! I hate waking up before my alarm, I feel cheated somehow!

 So today I’m joining the moody lot on the train, no smiles, no eye contact just that ‘don’t look at me face’ I’m sure I’ll get my personality back by the time I have a coffee …. well hopefully before I get on air otherwise we’re all in trouble!