It still being pitch black outside

It feels like it’s 3am on a bad night out and all you wanna do is get home and be in bed with the dogs.
Having to be quite because everyone’s asleep in the house

This is the hardest because all I wanna do is shout something out loud to break the tip toeing and keeping everything mute.
People taking pigeon steps to get on the tube! 

The doors open and then it’s as if everyone turns into a slug taking ages TO MOVE UP!
People taking AGES to tap their oyster on the barrier!

 You have the whole walk up to the tube to get your card outta your bag so why has it only taken you till now to try and find it? Like seriously? Don’t you know I’m in a rush? I’m not even late, I’m early in fact BUT still I’m in a rush!
No ones up this early to answer back.

Hello? Is anyone there? I text tweet Snapchat the lot and because I get up well early it’s like the whole world is still fast asleep enjoying the last few hours while I’m a bundle of energy waiting to explode on the first person that says ‘morning’ … this is all before I have a coffee by the way.
Doing my make up on the tube!

I hate this for two reasons, 1 being I have no room yet doing your mascara with your elbows pointing to the ground! It’s almost impossible! 2 despite the fact you have great lighting on the tube the reflection I’m using on my phone makes it easy for loads of mistakes ! Why I haven’t invested in a handy make up bag mirror I don’t know?!?
It’s colder at this time of the morning.

So basically you have to dress to what the weather WILL be later, the amount of times I’ve worn long sleeves dress tights and a jacket for it to turn out nice and sunny by 1pm and I’m sweating like a pig as soon as I leave the studio with everyone looking all summery and me the berk who didn’t check the weather app!
Everyone’s sour face!

It’s a Monday so I can let you all off for today but for every day of the week? Why is it everyone has to have a gloomy face in the morning, no ones happy no ones friendly and no ones willing to crack a smile at a stranger! Great start guys, let’s all scowl at each other and hope that the day gets better otherwise we’re all in the crap!
I think it goes without say no I hate my Alarm on a Monday too … i just wanna throw it across the room and out the window! I don’t think it matters what time it goes off I’d still hate it ! Ahhhhhhhh with that all outta me at 7.40am on a Monday morning I feel so much better! RANT OVER!