As I’m sitting outside in the garden after sweating it out on a 25 minute run round wimbledon common ( it was more of a snails pace run but we can keep that between you and me ) anyway I thought it would be fun for you to get to know me so heres a few fun facts… I promise no fiction… well I might just chuck one in for fun:
I can’t pick one so here are three of my favourite films: 

-In The Mouth Of Maddness ( there should be a remake of this )

-Lone Soldier ( I cried at this )

-Everest ( I just can’t believe what those climbers went through…/ I cried at this too! I also got obsessed with Everest and started looking at going up to base camp…. I haven’t done it yet )
– I told a few lies on my CV so I could get a job when I was 
– The smallest amount I’ve paid on card was 75p
– When I was at school I wanted to be a horror actress… I didn’t want to be in any massive worldwide blockbuster wasn’t interested in that at all I just wanted to star in horror films.
– I used to own 83 different lipbalms and glosses which I had collected from all over the world when being on holiday, I’d always buy a few to add to the collection. I kept them all in a box and wouldn’t use them because I wanted them to stay fresh… Cut to 5 years later most had gone off and I chucked the LOT… I’ve gone from being a horder to a thrower awayer!
– I had 2 vercuccas on my foot once and they were horrible I went doctors had them frozen the lot and STILL they didn’t go till I went to barbados and I swear the sea salt or the sand killed them! I’ve never had once since!
– I’d love to get married one day and just as I say I DO I’m gonna jump out of a plane and have my first kiss 14 thousand feet in the sky while in free fall
– I HATE the sound of the crunch and squelsh you get when you accidently stand on a snail! I hate it…. poor thing… this happened the other day and I got so upset 

– My middle name is Henry ( I’ve been told this was my dads name ? Who knows?! )
– I tried absynthe once and set my mouth on fire :/