They say we learn from our mistakes right? Well why is it every dam month we go through the same crap, have the same arguments over the same rubbish? When it’s ‘that time of the month’ It can all be avoided by following these simple rules. Fellas listen up, for me the tell tell signs are really easy to spot, for one it’s generally around the same date so keep that in mind, write it down, put it in your diary, however you keep this time in your memory is up to you but generally it’s like clockwork oh and stay away from these stupid questions that will just TICK us off! You can thank me later…

Are you really going to eat all of that?

Firstly yes we are, second is it any of your business? And third we’re probably gonna ask for dessert too so don’t act surprised as it will only offend us.

What did you do to your hair ?

We don’t care if we’ve shaved our head, dyed it neon yellow or green just tell us it looks good and wait till the next morning to tell us the truth because right now we’re about to lose the dam plot!

She’s Fit

Come on dude this isn’t the time to be telling us how FIT Scarlett Johansson is, this will lead to a whole argument about you fancying other women and can last a few days.

Why you in such a mood?

Really? Just don’t unless you want world war three to erupt
It’s a guy thing you wouldn’t understand!

Are you calling us stupid ? 

Calm Down

Ha two words I would definitely avoid avoid avoid as it will have the reverse effect believe me!

With all this in mind you should be fine however always expect the worse and anything else is a bonus right?