Oh for crying out loud!!!! It’s happened again…. I say it like I’m surprised but it’s even worse now because I have two dogs and not one :/

Basically Henry has this blood hound snout that can sniff out fox poo from miles away and once he’s on the trail there’s no amount of treats or high pitched voice that can get him back, all I can do is just get my 100 metre sprint on and shout loudly to try and jolt him from his happy rolling around legs up in the air covering his whole body in fox poo.

This has happened more times than I can count however now add smudge to the quotation, basically tonight I took them to the park even though it was getting a little bit dark but I’ve got flashing collars and balls and the torch on my phone is brilliant! 

So we were having a great time in the park, I’m in my wellies throwing around a glow in the dark ball it’s not raining life is great … next thing I know Henry shoots off into the middle of the field and is sniffing at something frantically, smudge instantly follows and then my deepest fear sets in as they both roll around on the grass, tails wagging and falling on top of each other to see who can cover themselves the most in Fox poo!

It was a blatant competition, well that’s what it looked like to me, it looked as though they were fighting for who had the best roll in it! Henry won obviously as he’s become a pro at it now!

I was absolutely furious and even though I was telling them off ( shouting mostly ) you could see they were secretly laughing behind those puppy dog eyes! Ahhhhh why me! This isn’t fair!!! 

The worst thing is, the awful stench! No matter how hard I tried to get it off them I can STILL smell it, it’s still in my nose I’ve even bought doggy conditioner which  I thought would help…. I heard ketchup was a good one to get the stink out but I’m not too sure on that…. One of those urban legends I’m guessing?! Ugh! Doesn’t anyone have a solution for dogs that love fox poo? I refuse to be “that girl” that always has to leave the park with the two naughty “kids” head hanging in shame and hoping no one I know sees ( or smells me )