Ok, So January Is the month where we don’t really wanna go out because we’re trying to save every little penny we can as we’re waiting for payday to come and save us from this month from hell. FACT

The number of times I’ve looked at Instagram and seen people sunning it up in Thailand Or Bali is actually making me angry now, well maybe not angry but more fed up. Why do we do this every year? We book holidays before and over Christmas but leave this month of misery alone? Let’s make a pact next year lets work all over Christmas and up to NYE and then lets book a three week holiday to somewhere nice and hot, watch how all our mates and social media followers hate us! Ha let’s do it!

So what do we do with all our nights In seeing that’s all we can do this month? Play with makeup that’s what!

I’ve found the perfect fun make up brand (cruelty-free of course ) NYX Cosmetics have got it all, think of all the vibrant colours of the rainbow and then work out where you want those colours on your face, because believe me you will want to use their whole new range, from eye palettes to die for to metallic lipgloss and glitter galore!

Let’s start with the lips ( because as you know I’m obsessed with lipgloss )

NYX Slip Tease – These have been my go to gloss at the moment, they literally glide on all silky and smooth and they stay on, you don’t have to keep on reapplying all night which is a huge thumbs up from me. If you love purples they got it, pinks, browns, nudes you name it! Now I was just looking at their website and have found the best metallics cosmic collection ( I haven’t tried these yet but have just ordered 5 because they look lush ) there’s silvers, coppers etc and they’re only £7

Over to the eyes meet the Ultimate Shadow Pallete

I’m a strong believer in making yourself look good and instantly you feel good, we especially need this in January while the weathers crap, our bank balance is crap and getting back into the swing of things is also crap! So go for bright colours yellows, pinks, purples and light sparkly blues, NYX Cosmetics have nailed this in their latest collection.

Glitter Tubs

Don’t be fooled into thinking glitter is just for Christmas! January is the month we need to look into the mirror and feel that extra sparkle I’ve put this lightly in the corners of my eyes just under the bottom of my eye and on top of my eyelid, you only need a little and believe me it completely changes your look and feel… now only if we could add a little sparkle to our bank account this month …