Wanna get to know the staffie? what they’re really like behind closed doors?? Here’s a few first-hand observations that will help you get to know this four legged little delight!

1- DON’T BE FOOLED Staffies are highly intelligent and basically the tricksters of the dog world, you hide something they will find it, you have a clean sofa ? not anymore, you like your trainers? get used to having only one, you want a quiet night In watching tv? think again because he wants to play,  think your staff can’t jump the fence and get that cat? mate he’s like colin jackson doing the damn hurdles!

2 – GAS MASKS your staffie with stink you out with the most horrendous farts that get you leaving the room quicker that Usain Bolt doing the 100 metre sprint

3- WORKOUT If you don’t exercise your staffie he will be forced to turn any outdoor objects into gym equipment like inthe picture what was once a normal log .. Henry made into a 15kg dumbell

4-CATS Staffies like to chase squirrels, cats, rats, mice … they are predators so make sure you’re alert in the park because the amount of times I’ve had to go running into bushes and my arms been pulled out its sockets walking down the road because of a cat underneath a car.

5- TUG OF WAR Go to the gym because you.re gonna need to! Staffies have a lock jaw, we all know that so don’t be surprised when he tries to yank your arm off playing his favourite game. ( you’ll never win by the way )

6- BEDDICOTS forget having your dog at the bottom of the bed for a sneaky lay in, the staffie wants to be in between your legs UNDER the duvet so get ready to sweat it out because he won’t even come up for air .. he’ll just lay there like a log in between your legs.

7- FOX ROLL There’s nothing you can do to stop your staffie from rolling around in fox poo apart from scream/shout and inside cry a little bit because you know he’s having the best time rolling in the blackest poo that will stink the whole house out and leave you gagging as you try to get it out your dogs fur.