I was having this conversation with my mate last night, cuddled up on the sofa with Henry ( not that he was actually ON the sofa.. Just in case James is reading this, he’ll go nuts )  because she was taking the mick out of me for constantly being on my phone ( which I wasn’t! She just had bad timing when trying to talk to me)   I love socia media, checking out what’s going on in the world what people are talking about, who’s doing what..

Yes it’s quite addictive but it’s a nice addiction, a harmless one… Am I being anti social on my phone a lot ? No not really, then why is it such a problem for some people? James hates me being on the phone in the evening so sometimes I find myself going upstairs to the loo just to tweet….Which sounds silly right? Please tell me you’ve done this too?

So here comes the question then, has social media ruined our lives? Do we rely on it too much and live our lives through it instead of the here and now?

Yes I constantly post pictures of Henry in the park, Henry eating his dinner, Henry playing with his friends, Henry licking my feet, Henry playing with his ball… ( you want me to go on? This could take forever ) you get what I’m saying tho right? ha who doesn’t wanna see that cute face over and over and over again?

Now comes back last night issue , I personally have no problem with two people being glued to their phones with the TV on, no words need to be said apart from maybe the odd “do you want a drink? I’m going to the kitchen” I’m happy with that, I actually find it quite funny, no more than that I find it hilarious!

The other day I left the tube station and instantly got on my phone to tweet and was so into what I was writing I walked into the bin… Yep nearly fell over it! It was SOOO funny however if I dropped my phone in it I would of probably cried no joke! So ok then maybe that was a bit too far I get that I shouldn’t have my phone in my hand ALL the time but when you’re at home chilling out watching back to back reality shows its kind of expected right?