Ok, You’re getting to know me quite well now however, I reckon you’re gonna think I’m a little weird after I tell you this but screw It I’m gonna tell you what happened yesterday afternoon because I’m still thinking about it and I don’t know if I’ve lost the plot and my brain isn’t working right or that what I did was normal and me just having a laugh because you’d do It too?

Basically, I got stopped in the street by someone who thought I was their long lost best mate, which I let go on for far too long. She was bringing up memories of college and us living two streets away from each other in crystal palace ( which I’ve never lived in ) She was telling me stories of how we used to steal pick n mix from Woolworths and sneak into the cinema to watch 2 films back to back, she found it hilarious as did I for all the wrong reasons tho. I kept saying that my brian is really rusty and I couldn’t remember which just made her come up with more stories of stuff we had done together.

This went on for about 20 minutes and I think I started to believe that my name was Cassie, I went to college in Ealing and got a diploma in engineering and had a cat called Rio De Janeiro. I can’t quite remember at what point I said Is your brother still going out with …. then I left it for her to answer, basically I was actually getting fully involved and took it like we were doing spontaneous improvisation! It was jokes. It ended in her asking for my number and then I just froze my brain stopped working which must have looked so obvious as I had this vacant look on my face then I basically just made it up and I’m sure I added two extra digits.

Now my question here is why did I carry this on? Why was I finding it that entertaining to carry it on? Would you have done the same? Now I do wanna say that I did say I don’t remember any of this for a while at the beginning but kind of got stuck in and treated it like we were being graded on some drama performance. She probably knew I was lying and filmed the whole thing for some show making me look like an idiot but I found it funny anyway! Please tell me I’m normal?!