Ever wondered why we act all weird at Interviews and have the same horrible brain freeze that just stops us from thinking straight and answering normal questions, gets our hearts beating too fast and talking too fast plus why we quite honestly have some real dumb moments?

I thought I’d share some with you that have happened to me … Hopefully, you’ve had the same thoughts so I don’t feel so weird after all :

  • How is it possible my brain can literally just stop working?? Come on are you kidding me? I read up on the whole companies history .. Why have I gone blank on the first question ? Think Think Think … Oh sugar … I’ve forgotten the question!
  • Why have I gone to the toilet a million times already?? How is all of this actually in me ?? Did someone slip me a laxative somewhere along the line as this is getting unreal!!!
  • I have no idea what you asked me to do so I’m just gonna sit here and smile till it gets awkward, I did this once in an audition for a drinks advert where I was asked to sit down in front of 5 people on a single chair in a room, I then had to look perplexed then after a few seconds suddenly show sheer determination, get up and order a complex drink at a make believe bar, see a guy I fancy give him a cheeky look then walk away and bump into the door … I sat there for a long time and completely forgot the order of what I was meant to do, I panicked and just froze till they asked If I was ok … Didn’t get the job obviously … True story unfortunately
  • When’s a good time to let them in on the fact that I’m an absolute nutcase? Do I mention It now? Give them a little clue? Or let time take It’s course and let all hell broke lose once I’ve got the job?
  • How ridiculous can I be with these answers? You know when they go which animal would you be and why? First of all this question is actually stupid, however If It’s a necessity I answer How far can I take this ? I’d like to be a wasp because I wanna see what those little pr**ks get up to on a daily basis apart from terrorize us all when we’re trying to have a nice time on holiday!
  • Why did I wear this? How did I leave wearing this and why did I think It was gonna be acceptable? You don’t even wanna know the stuff I’ve worn to auditions trying to ‘get noticed’ and to stick in people’s minds …