I think at some point we’ve all had a bad hair dresser experience, You know when you go with a picture in your mind of what you want, seen it in a magazine or your favourite celebrity on TV and when you sit there watching all your hair go falling to the floor and turning the wrong shade of yellow, theres a little bit of you that dies inside hoping that when they finish with the blow dry it will all be ok … and when it isn’t you have to try your hardest not to cry and totally lose it, this has happened to me twice in different salons so I vowed never to go to a hairdressers again ( it’s been 4 years ), so anytime I’ve wanted to change my hair up I dyed and cut it myself which obviously has had some major disasters…. So with all that in mind I was a little worried when I went into Aveda in Holborn to completely change my look. I left it up to the experts to decide on how big the change was gonna be. I showed them how I’ve developed this little mullet type of shape over the years and quite honestly it’s awful, I’ve hated it for years and tried cutting around it. If you looked at me from the front it looks like I have long shoulder length curly hair but as soon as I stand to the side it’s a full on mullet with the back and top way shorter. Basically I have ruined my hair as my split ends are all over the place keeping my short bits shorter and my long bits literally disappearing day by day.

I had my hair re shaped, treated and had a full head of highlights put in to get rid of my roots that started of like a black runway down my head that was so prominent it could land a plane! and since I left it so long they turned into something that looks like an out grown two tone dip dye. My finished look you can see here below, I look well different right? I’m so happy with both the cut and colour!

So with my new hair do I’m gonna be experimenting with a few looks and came across the BaByliss 3Q range! I’ve used their straighteners and hairdryer to transform my short curls ( and major FRIZZ ) into a super sleek do! The straighteners  are so light so perfect for chucking in your bag and carrying around with you and they heated up really quickly, so no waiting around! Plus one another major bonus was that instead of sizzling my hair ( don’t you hate that hissing sound it makes when you know you’ve just frazzled all your of your ends ) I didn’t have to go over the same bit for ages, which normally I have to because I have semi afro hair which can take a while to straighten out. I was frizz free and had a well glossy finish so big thumbs up from me! Oh and if you’ve seen the countless selfies on my twitter which I will calm down on I promise but you’d have noticed this little wonder product the pro curl which I’ve started using after I straighten my hair, It gives me really loose wavy curls ( see pictures to the left)  Love Love Love!!

So I’ve decided to give my hair and Aveda these products a bit of a six 6 test to see how the quality of my hair grows and If I can stop my split ends from ever coming back and forming a mullet on my head! I have a regime that I’m gonna stick to from their brilliant range shampoo to leave in conditioner to their new wonder product damage remedy split end repair that works instantly, no mucking around It coats your split ends as soon as you put it on your hair! I’m using this everyday instead of serum now so lets see how I get on, I’ll be back with an update.