It’s funny because I remember being in my early 20s thinking “Man, 30 Is old, I never wanna say to someone, oh hey I’m 30 how are you?” That is so old! By 30 I’ll probably own a few properties, be able to walk in 12 inch heels, be wearing suits, have four kids live in a massive house with five dogs, I’ll have my own breakfast show living my best life, being a serious adult and bossing it on every single level.

Did all that come true like in a fairytale story? HELL NO

In reality, when I hit 30, I had the biggest party blow out ever… in fact, it must’ve been good because I actually can’t remember it right now!
So If you’re about to turn 30 and you’re wondering what it’s like being an adult that would do absolutely anything to turn back time I’m here to help you along the way … there are a few obvious things that start to happen to your body which basically means no more lying about your age ha ha

1 – que the 3 day hangovers, Forget partying all night, Oh yeah gone are those days mate I can’t go straight into work after a two hour power nap full of tequila shots and sambucca! That’s a fact, If you go out and get hammered cancel all plans for the next three days

2- Don’t even get me started on the random chin hair that seems to make an appearance every month, you can pluck it out, you can shave it, you can punch it back into your chin, but expect it to come back bigger stronger and sometimes a little bit curlier

3- It takes a lot longer to get ready now, yes we’ve started to cover up the dark circles that we’ve got under our eyes ( somehow they seem to be getting darker with age ) Your hair tends to be crazier and less likely to listen to products like gel wax or mousse, plus clothes start to fit a little differently… Time to stop rounding down start rounding up to the next size that you are closer to.


4- Start writing down a list of excuses now as when your mates call you up to go out you honestly think you’re gonna peel yourself off the sofa and click stop on your latest Netflix binge? Yeah get thinking about all those excuses now so you don’t stress yourself out trying to think on the spot, you’re brain doesn’t work that fast now ha ha

5- Keep that bottle of spot destroyer and blemish fader stocked up in the bathroom because believe me when your period hits it’s worse than ever and for me my skin goes on like I’m a 14 years old! I get spots on my face AND BACK AND SHOULDERS! How? Why? I thought when you went past the big 30 that all went?